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 +====== Jaadoo - Chaos C ======
 +Player: Chaos C\\
 +Email: <jaadoo@classified.chaosdeathfish.com>
 +I'm not normally big on filling out these bio things, so excuse me if I can't think of much to say, ok?
 +I'm interested in Bollywood sci-fi, from the old classics that got the genre going like Koi… Mil Gaya to some of the more recent gems from the last few years like Nishikanta.
 +I've made my way around the net and frequented all sorts of forums, channels and nodes, though I tend to go by different nicks and use different avvies so you probably wouldn't recognise me.
 +That's about it. Still, if you're the sort of person to actually bother reading user bios, then maybe you're not so bad, so I look forward to meeting you at the node!
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