The True Believers

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It's clear that the tales of Vampires, Werewolves and other Supernatural beings are just a tactic to hide what's really going on! The Aliens have been controlling us for thousands of years, directing our evolution to enlarge our pineal glands in order to siphon our psychic power which they use as food!

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No, that's what they want you to think! They're actually a mass hallucination caused by chemicals created by the Freemasons in Ancient Egypt and used to keep the people afraid! That's why they put fluoride in the water, to keep us docile and controllable! All these wars and terrorist attacks, they're all fakes to keep us scared and doing what they want! It's all part of a massive Psi-Ops campaign!

An exchange on the FindTheTruth internet forum.

Our Mission for Jesus Christ is: Bring as many people to Him as possible & expose the Worldwide Monolithic Conspiracy of silence involving Nibiru, it's Malevolent inhabitants and their Abominable offspring the Tares which live amongst us (Parable of the Wheat and the Tares).

We believe the literal understanding of EVERY Word of our God, the Father of Jesus Christ

From the “Let The Truth Be Known” website.

To the World

'True Believers' is more of a label than an organisation. UFO chasers, ghost hunters, paranormal investigators, Elvis seekers and those who believe that shape-shifting lizards are controlling society, all are classified as True Believers. There are as many beliefs as there are Believers, some organised into large societies but the majority in small groups or individually. But even a lone, paranoid individual will know a surprising number of like-minded individuals from around the world.

A Brief History of the True Believers

Conspiracy theorists have always existed. Scientists say that the human mind is a complex pattern-matching machine, and we latch onto absurd supernatural explanations in order to see patterns where there are none. But ask any True Believer and they'll tell you that's absurd. The Establishment is trying to use Science to hide what's really happening. Or that the Establishment refuses to believe that the way they see the world is fundamentally flawed. Or…

The one thing you can guarantee about the True Believers is that everyone has their own point of view and their own beliefs about any conspiracy theory you care to name - and hundreds of others that you'll never have heard of.

It was in the early '10s that the True Believers were given a title. Before that, 'Nutjobs', 'Crackpots' and 'Delusional Paranoids' were the preferred title. Their modern name seems to have originally been tongue-in-cheek, originated on the internet and spread through a network of bloggers. However the various conspiracy theorists falling under the term's umbrella took the term upon themselves and made it their own.

However, it was the 2013 Pacific UFO crash that got the group the most attention, and a number of new converts. Passengers on a cruise ship touring the French Polynesian islands in the South Pacific saw a large, flaming object pass overhead and crash into a small, uninhabited island. News reports claimed that it was a meteor which had come in on an unusual trajectory, but a number of passengers claimed that the object was disk-shaped and smooth. A video even appeared on the internet which confirmed this story, although many astronomers and computer graphics experts appeared on TV and in newspapers 'proving' that it was a hoax. Stories started to circulate of reporters trying to get footage of the crash site being driven away by unmarked fighter planes and well-armed naval vessels bearing no flag.

The 2014 Quebec secession also gained the True Believers a more credible following, although the more extreme theories far outweighed the new influx of moderates. These days the True Believers has a number of more moderate voices in among the more lunatic fringe. A number of minor celebrities have claimed the title True Believer - however, some claim they are just trying to turn the True Believers into a trend, to better ridicule them when the trend has passed.

But some people claim that where there's smoke there's fire. And considering the number of theories from the mundane to the insane floating around the heads of the True Believers, the chances are that at least some of them have some inkling of the Truth..

Major Conspiracies of Interest

You'll find huge variation in views on any conspiracy theory in the True Believers, and almost any beliefs can fit in. However, here are some popular conspiracy theories:

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