Bermuda triangle

“Again and again, since Flight 19, ships, planes and people disappear here, in the triangle formed between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico. Theories abound from magnetic anomalies, to freak storms to Alien influence and still none of us know why or how other than they are gone, never to be seen again.”

“It was in 2015 that both the AAFS Flight TBB616 and the maiden-cruising Cruise Liner Dante disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle or, as some call it, the Devil's Triangle. This massive loss of life, with over 3000 souls considered gone, suddenly occurred within 11 hours of each other as communciations from both suddenly ceased. Search and Rescue missions found no evidence of a crash even and no official explanation has ever been given. Since this time it has been noted that a substantial rise in strange happenings in the region has occurred.”

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