The New Earth Movement

Judgement day is coming. The New Earth Movement knows that. Better than anyone else. God, in his many forms, will see the end of Terra.

What the world thinks of us

“To many we are disparate groups, faiths and churches, all of whom seem obsessed with the Rapture, the Ascendance or the Closing of the Book. We are those who now the last of days is upon us now, that the prochecies near their end and that the time has come for the Kingdom of Heaven, of Paradise, of Nirvana, to be made real upon this earth. We are those who know, within our heart of hearts, that it is not death that comes for us but instead a whole new life, free of so many of the pains, trials and sufferings of this mortal shell.”

The Truth we know and the History of our Movement

“All members of the New Earth Movement accept some key things; that there is/are a divine entity/entities who is/are calling this chapter in our history to a close and that the final days are coming now, that the world will be reborn as the divine wishes it to be and each of us must be prepared for that moment. We are also aware that there are those who wish to stop the divine's plans or twist them in such a way that many of those how have had faith for so long will lose it before the final judgement comes and, therefore, will not see the rebirth that so many of us pray so hard for.”

“There is a New Earth Movement. It started as a group of Charismatic Churches that formed an alliance in the 1980's. By the year 2007 we have had attracted non-christian organisations to our path, adding Buddhist and Zoastrian people to our movement, but it was in 2011 when Sunni and Shia peoples started recognising the end of the world, following the fracturing of the Kabba at the touch of a child, that we began to gather the true international support that we now enjoy.”

“Governed by a council of the faiths we attempt to ensure all our souls are pure for when the judgement is called and we see the New Earth that the divine has planned for us all.”

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