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rapturefucker furry where's my fucking hovercar cybernetic spine eyes with a zoom make it all work they're stopping me being better singularity is coming they killed the first strong ai at roswell, they hounded turing to his death because he was building strong AI, collars.

Humans are better if they're better than human.

Augmentation is a tool of evolution

Evolution has advanced to the point we must make OURSELVES better

Evolution will not come by the random chance of genetics; it will come through rationality and the self-perfecting nature of the human organism.

To be human is to be better than human; to be posthuman is to be truly human.

The Government have banned drugs because drugs make us BETTER

The government is hushing up life-extension therapy - they have it already - they are keeping it away from us normals

A friend of a friend saw Elvis injecting himself with a syringe of adrenochrome

The Queen Mother didn't die - she's just gone into cryo hibernation for the next 50 years until she can resume her life.

If there were such a thing as a werewolf, I'd extract and inject its pineal gland like a fucking shot.

Also known as transhumanism or singularitarianism, the set of ideologies that can be loosely described as posthumanist are concerned with technological advance and the wonders supposedly available around the corner from the next scientific breakthrough. They know that this technology should be cheap and revolutionary, but yet it isn't here. Clearly someone is holding it back, and preventing everyone from the freedom of technology.

Why? Control. If the singularity comes, existing power structures will be obsolete. Whoever it is that's really controlling it all much prefers their power over humankind not to be disturbed by pesky things like apotheosis. Or maybe it's big business trying to crush competition and maintain their monopolies. Maybe the government has these technologies already and doesn't want us to get our hands on them, because then we'd see how they've been deceiving us all these years. Even if it's something as mundane as giving everyone a cheap source of power, it's something that will disrupt entrenched interests.

The Posthumanists are a loose collection of individuals who promote the idea of improvement through artificial means. Personal enhancement can come through the use of drugs, upgrades to the human body through cybernetics, and guerilla biology - hacking the human body at its base level. Want the ability to run faster, see better, breathe underwater or move objects with the power of your mind alone? Posthumanists believe these are all technologies within the reach of scientific progress and that should be used to better the condition of humans and human society. Social advancement can come from any number of places, including cheap power, futuristic materials, development of artificial intelligence and so on. Some Posthumanists subscribe to the theory of the Singularity - a point in time which they argue is a logical progression of the increased pace of technological development, where technology advances beyond a point that humans can perceive. Posthumanists have no structure or organisation as such, but the internet is a powerful tool for collecting like-minded individuals. Many of the posthumanists come from technology-related backgrounds or the hard sciences, though there are those from all walks of life who happened to read a few articles on the internet and got absorbed.

Due to the prevailing beliefs of those associated with this group, they are much more active and organised in online communities than the offline world, though there are a number of meatspace organisations of note. The H+ Institute is a large charity which seeks to promote the ideals of posthumanism and has had some success in engaging the academic community and lobbying governments. Many university campuses have a branch of the Techno-Utopian Student Alliance, colloquially known as the Techs, who largely appear to follow the ideals of the author Peter Bellamy, famous for his series of young-adult fiction promoting the ideals of Bioethical Abolitionism and Immortalism.
There are countless organisations online, but knowing which ones are important and getting access to the most secretive of them are another matter.

Favoured conspiracies of the Posthumanists include the mystery surrounding Nikola Tesla and his work, the Roswell crash and Area 51 (though they're more interested in the government's secret technology than the aliens themselves), the existence and contents of Warehouse 13, and the results of the MK-ULTRA tests. Maybe the ones with the best contacts and who have done the most research have gotten closer to finding out The Truth behind it all, but they aren't saying anything.

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