Nobody seems to be sure what happened outside Roswell, New Mexico on July 8th 1947, but almost everyone has a theory. The Roswell Army Air Field issues a press release stating that a crashed 'Flying Disc' had been recovered. Later that day a U.S. Air Force General stated that, in fact, a weather balloon was recovered. A subsequent press conference displayed a wreck containing tinfoil, paper and childrens' scotch tape with no sign of any instruments or propulsion mechanism.

Ask any UFO believer and they will tell you that the wreck of an alien spaceship, including corpses, was discovered that day. The U.S. Government maintains that it was an experimental high-altitude surveillance balloon from a 'Project Mogul'. Witnesses have come forward time and again, and every time 'evidence' paints them as mentally unstable, publicity seekers or just plain untrustworthy.

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