The Basics

Just as the weekly Classified game sessions represent the monthly meeting on the #CLASSIFIED# chatroom, the Downtime system represents the time in between these meetings. After each session, players will be able to submit a turnsheet, telling the GMs what they intend their character to do during the month between #CLASSIFIED# meetings. Players have two days to submit their turnsheet, after which the GMs will process all players' turnsheets. The deadline for submitting turnsheets is 6am Friday morning. The GMs will determine what the results of the players' actions are and provide feedback at the next Tuesday's game session.

Each turnsheet has three actions:

  1. Direct - Direct your contacts to find out information about a certain subject or perform an action on your behalf. Having relevant information already and being more specific will get better results.
  2. Socialise - Ingratiate yourself with existing contacts and make new ones.
  3. Act - Use your abilities to perform some action yourself. Doing it yourself is inherently more risky and less likely to succeed, unless you have specific relevant information and assistance from your contacts.

You may take one Direct, one Socialise and one Act action in your turnsheet.

You may also take additional actions if you wish:

  1. Blog - You may write blog posts as your #CLASSIFIED# identity - these will be copied directly into the 'Blogs' section of the news.
  2. Graffiti - You can also scrawl graffiti which will show up in the news. However, you need to be physically in the location to do so.
  3. Minor Actions - If you have other minor actions you can add them in too. However, these actions are a lot more likely to be traced back to you or to raise suspicions. The larger the action and the larger the number of Minor Actions you take, the larger the chance of them coming back to bite you.


Finding information from your contacts is more likely to get good results, since they're almost certainly better placed than you to find out what you need to know. Trying to go out and find the information yourself is always more difficult and more risky - that's why you have contacts! However, your contacts are people in their own right - they're unlikely to put themselves in danger unless they really trust you. Sometimes doing it yourself may be the only way.

You could combine two of these actions - you get your contacts to get you in the right place to do something, which depending on your skills could work better or worse. You have more scope with this option, but it could go horribly wrong.

In theory, receiving and giving physical items or information to another character is a Minor Action. However, anything that you're transferring (physical or informational), if not encompassed within one of the above actions, is at risk. Your phones and internet connection can be tapped, the postal service and couriers can be infiltrated, bribed and corrupted; even if you're handing stuff over in person, you could be mugged or followed. (We're talking here more about large files and dossiers rather than small pieces of information.)

Indeed, any other Minor Actions you take has a larger chance of being noticed or coming under suspicion for them. Minor Actions should be minor things that your character can do without expending significant effort. Using many Minor Actions in a turnsheet or trying to do anything complex will result in negative IC consequences..

Writing one item of Graffiti is mostly risk-free. However, your character must be in the right place to write it. Unless someone is watching you already your graffiting is very unlikely to be traceable to you.

You should also give a brief summary of the existing information you have (and where you obtained it if possible) for each turnsheet action; this helps us decide what your character will be able to do and means you won't just waste your time finding out information that you already knew.

Submitting Turnsheets

You can submit Turnsheets electronically on the Classified Wiki. You will have access to your own personal area of the wiki, inaccessible to other players in which you can enter your turnsheet information each week. However, you do not have to wait until after the session before starting your turnsheet - you could even start adding notes to future turnsheets in advance if you want. Turnsheets can be edited repeatedly, and are not processed by the GMs until the turnsheet deadline - you can make as many changes as you like up until the turnsheet deadline!

Sample Turnsheet

Here's an example of a good turnsheet - it's focused, outlines what information is already known and which contacts are being used for what. In this case, the player is taking an unusually dangerous action - whether it succeeds or fails depends on whether the information the character has is accurate and whether there are other factors they've not taken into account - but whatever happens, the player will get interesting plot!

Turnsheet 1: Xiao Huang (A Good Example)

Direct: Ask contacts to investigate Tainan Air Base

I'll ask my contact in the ROCAF to get into the base and get me a copy of the data on one of those servers. He's currently very well disposed to me after the Taipei incident, and I'll hopefully be getting more help from the Triads..

Contacts used: ROCAF contact, Triads

Relevant Information: FactFinder (another player) has told me that the government's bio-engineering research is growing immensely, and they're moving their operations to a newer purpose-built facility. My contact in the ROCAF has found out that Tainan Air Base is going to be used as a transfer point for physical transfer of servers. My friend in the Triads also tells me that some of the security personnel at the base have dirty secrets they don't want sharing.

Socialise: Talk to the Triads

Spend more time with the Triads - I've been asking a lot of them recently, and I don't want them getting upset with me. I particularly want to pass on the information I discovered about the government giving secret contracts to Lee Technologies - they'll be interested to know that they're being stabbed in the back. That should get me on their good side.

Relevant Contacts: Triads

Act: Blackmail Tainan Air Base personnel

So, some of the Tainan Air Base personnel have dirty secrets? Well, I'm a Triad - I'm going to take a couple of other members with me and blackmail them into ignoring anything unusual happening at the base. I don't want my contact in the ROCAF getting caught, he's too well placed.

Relevant Information: Info from the Triads about base personnel with dirty secrets.

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