Conspiracy Theories

There are a large number of conspiracy theories in the world of Classified. Many of these will be familiar if you know many real-world conspiracy theories; however, there are some differences (and some conspiracies unique to the Classified gameworld). Remember, Classified is not the real world, despite being very similar!

Your character may believe none, one or many of these, or even have their own theories as to who is controlling the world from behind the scenes! A member of the Skeptics might think all of these are just signs of a delusional mind, whilst a member of the True Believers may believe all of these and more - even the ones that contradict! However every character will know that something is going on, and most will have theories as to what that is.

There are some conspiracy theories that we will not be playing with in Classified. In particular:

  • No Zionist or modern anti-Semitic plots. (e.g. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion)
  • No White Supremacist plots. (e.g. Ku Klux Klan)
  • No Homophobic plots. (e.g. AIDS conspiracies)

If in doubt, email the GMs!

List of Conspiracy Theories

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