Bible Code

There are prophecies encoded into the Bible. By carefully applying the the methodologies outlined on the internet anyone can gain insight into the future world, these codes have already predicted earthquakes, the death of presidents, and the collapse of economies, but no-one pays attention to them.

Of course the fact that the goverments won't pay them head is unsuprising, they either already know and are using the information for their own agendas, or the information contained within is a direct threat to their plans. However, without knowing who left these predictions of the future it is impossibly to tell whether the conspiracy is simply mindlessly following the path of our own destruction, or whether a sufficiently motivated individual can use this information to change the world.

The questions remain, were these secrets left by God, Aliens, time travellers, or stranger beings yet; and does the growing evidence for similar codes in Paradise Lost, War and Peace, Moby Dick, and the songs of Vanilla Ice provide a clue to their overall nature?

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