There are innumerable organisations, companies, Government agencies and organised crime syndicates in the world of Classified. However, the characters in Classified are not part of these - they're fighting against them!

The Organisations in Classified are the seven factions represented by the people who turn up on the #CLASSIFIED# chatroom. Other people who can be found at the meeting, but they are few and far between. All player characters will be members of an Organisation.

The Organisations are:

The New Illuminati

See the New Illuminati Organisation page for more information.

The New Illuminati are a Masonic lodge primarily based around philosophies of Enlightenment and somewhat New-Age Self-Development. They're mostly known as an Old Boys' club, with secret handshakes and signs. The majority of their members join at University, and are known to give each other a helping hand when needed. The Organisation itself instantly raises suspicion in the mind of most conspiracy theorists - everyone knows at least one version of the Illuminati conspiracy theory. But surely if they really had a secret agenda they wouldn't choose a name with a history like that?

There is no public push by the higher degrees of the Lodge for its members to attend meetings in #CLASSIFIED#, but it is known that seeing the truth behind the workings of the universe is one principle taught to its members.

The True Believers

See the True Believers Organisation page for more information.

UFO cultists, paranormal investigators and general cranks - the True Believers have somewhat of a reputation for being crackpots and paranoids. The True Believers is not so much an organisation as a label - what they believe varies greatly from member to member, and almost all violently disagree with the majority of the rest of the organisation. However, their wide range of interests means that almost everyone who considers themself a True Believer has contacts with all kinds of strange beliefs, and it only takes a couple of steps to get from someone who believes UFOs created the human race to another who thinks that ghosts are the next step of Human evolution.

The Skeptics

See the Skeptics Organisation page for more information.

Philsophers, academics, scientists and researchers, the Skeptics are sick of the lies being told to the credulous by the powerful and the ill-intentioned. Whether Crystal Healing, the Second Coming, Aliens Walk Among Us, or You Too Can Lose Six Pounds In Six Days, the Skeptics are there to reveal the hard and bitter truths of the universe. They are always keen to stick their oar in and point out the flaws in others' sloppy reasoning, whether challenging the lack of scientific proof of UFO sightings or claiming that Magic is simply charlatans preying on the credulity of its believers. They are always aware that somewhere, someone is Wrong On The Internet.

The New Earth Movement

See the New Earth Movement Organisation page for more information.

The New Earth movement is an inter-faith coalition of Eschatologists - believers in the End of the World, and its imminent arrival. Whether the Rapture, Ragnarok or the close of the Kali Yuga, they all believe that this World only has a short time left. How they deal with this varies; some wish to hasten the end; some merely wish to prepare for it. However, many in the organisation believe that the destiny of the Human race is being manipulated, and that if this is not stopped we will not be ready when the End comes.

The Global Militia

See the Global Militia Organisation page for more information.

Put diplomatically, they are concerned citizens who want to make sure that Humanity will continue if the worst happens and the global economy collapses tomorrow. Put cynically, they are a bunch of gun toting rednecks who would like nothing more than a new Dark Age where the strong survive at the expense of the weak. To the informed observer, the truth appears to lie somewhere between the two with, of course, members that tend towards both extremes. The Global Militia is not a single group but a loose collection of groups and web communities with similar beliefs and values. However, most believe that The Man is keeping them down, trying to keep them from the freedom they want.

The Posthumanists

See the Posthumanists Organisation page for more information.

We're past the point where evolution makes sense - now WE can make OURSELVES better. That's the cry of the Posthumanists. Not so much an organisation as a mindset or an ideology, concerned with technological advance and the wonders supposedly available around the corner from the next scientific breakthrough. They know that this technology should be cheap and revolutionary, but yet it isn't here. Clearly someone is holding it back, and preventing everyone from achieving freedom from the limitations of the human form.

The Temple of Pan

See the Temple of Pan Organisation page for more information.

A home for a number of previously sidelined religious groups, the Temple of Pan is a home for Chaos Magicians, Crowleyians, Voodoun practitioners, Aztec Nahuatl revivalists, Rosicrucians, Confucians, Sangria followers, Recreationists and New-Agers. They all believe in the existence of magic. They know that you can find the secrets of the universe in the patterns of dust on concrete, in the cry of a breech-born child or in the passionate screams of lovers. They want the world to acknowledge the truth of their beliefs, and most members fear that that they are the victims of subtle but powerful systematic oppression.

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