Peak Oil

Peak Oil and other related conspiracies refer to the coalition of countries - producers and consumers - involved in the manipulation of global energy markets (and specifically the market for Oil) for financial gain. The Peak Oil theory itself refers to a hypothetical period where oil extraction reaches a zenith and then declines, and the conspiracy refers to the manipulation of this theory and others in order to establish a financial hegemony based on energy. Prices are altered to manipulate the success of various sectors of the economy in order to influence public opinion, and allow for various slants of foreign policy.

In more detail: Peak oil is a scam designed to create artificial scarcity and jack up prices while giving the state an excuse to invade our lives and control how we consume. The idea is that They are de-industrialising the world and blame our economic disintegration on lack of energy supplies. Globalisation is all about consolidation. Now that the world economy has become so centralised through Globalist operations, they are going to continue to consolidate and blame it on the “evil” overconsumption of fossil fuels, while at the same time blocking the development and integration of renewable clean technologies. The global economy is manipulated on this scale all the time. Massive financial crashes, wars, and other catastrophic events are caused in order to advance certain economic interests.

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