Cosmic Rays

Cosmic rays are the particles shot out from the hearts of exploding stars, colliding galaxies, pulsars, and other celestial bodies. Their interaction with the earth's magnetic field produces the Van Allen Belt, a field of high intensity electromagnetic and radioactive energy. It is this field which prevevented the moon landing and manned exploration of the solar system.

The two big attempts to manipulate the Van Allen Belt (although there are many others), are HAARP and CERN. The High frequency Active Auroral Research Program is a series of high gain radio “antenae” in Alaska, which bombard the Van Allen Belt with high voltage radio beams in order to “modulate” its radio properties. The claim is that this is an experiment to improve over horizon radar and submarine communication, but its true purpose is to redirect the intense energies of the Van Allen Belt to earth, allowing the Goverment to very cheaply sterilise huge tracts of land. CERN is even more insideous than HAARP, the high energy proton beams being produced inside the 17 mile long Large Hadron Collider will be directed into space, creating a large hole (or star-gate) in the Van Allen Belt, allowing the passage of the Annunaki from Nibiru when it next passes earth, allowing them to take direct control of the planet through their followers in leading positions of goverments and corporations.

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