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 +====== Wiki User Account ======
 +===== How do I get a user account? =====
 +Email the GM team at [[gm@classified.chaosdeathfish.com]] with your character concept. Once we have accepted your character concept, we'll create you a user account and email you with your username and password. If you've already emailed us your character but don't your account details, send it in.
 +===== Why do I need an account? =====
 +The main thing you will use your user account for is to submit your [[turnsheeting]] actions and read your downtime reports. It also allows you to view your character details, and change your email address(es) for [[email system|in-character emails]].
 +===== What can I do with it? =====
 +There are three things you'll probably want to do with your Classified user account:
 +  * Change user details (password and email addresses)
 +  * View your character details
 +  * Submit turnsheets
 +===== Change user details =====
 +When you're logged into the Classified wiki, you should see an 'Update Profile' link at the
 +top of the page. This lets you change your full name (only visible to yourself and GMs),
 +registered email addresses and password. Each player may have up to five email addresses
 +from which they can send in-character email (see the Email System for more information).
 +You can't send IC email from an unregistered email address.
 +The email address you enter in 'E-Mail 1' is the address to which in-character emails
 +from other players will sent. Please make sure you have this set up correctly to ensure
 +you receive in-character email from other players.
 +We would recommend changing your password to something more secret when you get your
 +welcome email. To do this, type your new password into the 'New password' and 'once
 +again' fields.
 +Before submitting any changes to your account, you **must** enter your current password
 +in the 'Confirm current password' box.
 +===== View your character details =====
 +At the top of the page when logged in, you should see a 'User page' link. Click on this
 +to see your full character information. This is **not** visible to other players, just
 +you and the GM team. It contains your backgrounds, organisation details and other
 +character information. It also contains links to your publicly-visible bio and your
 +===== View previous turnsheets =====
 +At the bottom of your User page, there are a number of turnsheet links. These contain the
 +turnsheets for you to fill in for each turn. Those that you've edited are shown in green and those in red
 +are empty.
 +===== Submit turnsheets =====
 +Turnsheets for Classified should be submitted online using the turnsheet links at the bottom
 +of your user page. Turnsheets are numbered by the week in which the previous session
 +happens. The first turnsheet that most people will be submitting will be 'turnsheet 1'.
 +When you first click on the turnsheet link (which should be red, unless you have already
 +entered turnsheet information for that week), you will find yourself at a page which
 +says 'This topic does not exist yet'. Click the 'Create this page' button at the top of
 +the page to enter your turnsheet. If you've edited the turnsheet before, the link will show
 +'Edit this page' instead.
 +===== How to Write a Turnsheet =====
 +//See [[Turnsheeting]]//
 +**REMEMBER** - You must click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page to ensure your turnsheet is saved. There is a special [[wiki:syntax]] you can use for turnsheets if you'd like to make our lives easier, but the main thing to remember is to leave a blank space between paragraphs. Save as often as you like, you can make changes to your turnsheet whenever you like before the turnsheet deadline (Friday 6am). Any turnsheets uploaded after this may be ignored.
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