Mercury - Christi S

Player: Christi S

Mercury is a long time regular on many popular net based spiritualist fora. She styles herself a paranormal investigator and freelance “techsorcist”. Certainly there are other posters on the Net who're willing to testify that she's removed paranormal infestations with the aid of nothing more sinister than a black van full of computer hardware.


“People talk about ghosts like they're a religion or urban legend. For me, the fact that the restless dead exist and influence the world of the living is no more of an article of faith than the fact that drunk people exist. I've seen them both on a regular enough basis that to disbelieve would be downright psychotic. If you personally can't see them, then don't for a moment make the mistake of thinking that that's in any sense my problem.”


“I kid you not. Bizarre though it might seem, Class 3A poltergeists are really susceptible to the resonant frequency of an Epson FX-80 dot matrix printer. Fortunately you can still buy the ribbons off Amazon, otherwise I guess I'd have to spend far too much time actually working out why. I imagine I'll get round to it soon - it's starting to get hard to source spare parts.”

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