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Player: Christi S\\ Player: Christi S\\
Email: <mercury@classified.chaosdeathfish.com> Email: <mercury@classified.chaosdeathfish.com>
 +Mercury is a long time regular on many popular net based spiritualist
 +fora.  She styles herself a paranormal investigator and freelance
 +"techsorcist".  Certainly there are other posters on the Net who're
 +willing to testify that she's removed paranormal infestations with the
 +aid of nothing more sinister than a black van full of computer hardware.
 +"People talk about ghosts like they're a religion or urban legend.  For
 +me, the fact that the restless dead exist and influence the world of the
 +living is no more of an article of faith than the fact that drunk people
 +exist.  I've seen them both on a regular enough basis that to disbelieve
 +would be downright psychotic.  If you personally can't see them, then
 +don't for a moment make the mistake of thinking that that's in any sense
 +my problem."
 +"I kid you not.  Bizarre though it might seem, Class 3A poltergeists are
 +really susceptible to the resonant frequency of an Epson FX-80 dot
 +matrix printer.  Fortunately you can still buy the ribbons off Amazon,
 +otherwise I guess I'd have to spend far too much time actually working
 +out why.  I imagine I'll get round to it soon - it's starting to get
 +hard to source spare parts."
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