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”…And in the news tonight, Shimomoto Hotaru, ex-National Public Safety Commissioner, has been arrested over allegations of involvement in the kidnapping of a number of teenagers used in military experiments! For those of you who've not been following the story, where have you been living for the past week?! Reports have emerged of a government R&D facility underneath Mount Fuji, using live humans as the control mechanism for military hardware! Ms Shimomoto had already resigned earlier in the week when these allegations came out, surprisingly enough as part of the growing 'Information Must Be Free' campaign…”

“Oneechan! It's Katsu!”, cried out Eko, waving her phone in the air and running breathlessly to Eiko. The park was mostly empty, but the shout still attracted some distracted attention from passers-by.

Natsuko looked up expectantly from the swing. “Katsu!”, she exclaimed happily. “He got out!”

They'd heard about the attack a few days ago. Lizards had attacked the facility under Mount Fuji. There were rumours that some of the mecha had escaped, but nothing definite until now.

“Him, Mio, Satomi and Yumi!” replied Eko. Despite being physically in her early to mid twenties, Eko still acted as young as Natsuko. A side-effect of the unnatural conditions in the mecha training facility.

“They're out, and their mecha are intact!” continued Eko. “They're looking for somewhere safe to land. Katsu wants to find somewhere safe to hide, but the others want to join back up with the government and fight back!”

Eiko sighed. She was going to have to talk fast to persuade the hot-headed pilots not to go back into government-condoned slavery. Even more so than Information, People need to be free. Ah well, that could be dealt with later as long as..

“Eko, can you ask Katsu if I can speak to them? In person? Um… You know what I mean.”

“Yes! I'll text him now!” replied Eko.

Natsuko caught Eiko by the hand. “Oneechan.. Can we maybe go get some noodles? I'm hungry.”

Eiko smiled at her little sister. “Of course! It's way past lunch time. We can eat them on the way to the metro.”

The three of them left the park, Eko busy texting, Natsuko holding Eiko's hand.

Natsuko turned to smile happily at Eiko. “Oneechan… I'm really glad you found me.”

The Information Must Be Free, thought Eiko, as she read through another email from a contact in Kyoto. That's the only way we're going to be safe. It'd been six months since the Naki had declared Earth a protectorate of the Great Annunaki Empire, and she still had an impressive information-gathering network going. The magical E-Fuda from Harker seemed to be keeping her transmissions safe for now - although it's not safe to rely on just one layer of safety, she considered.

Natsuko walked into the study, carrying a tray with three cups of miso soup. Eko followed her in, bringing a stool for the two of them. “You need a break”, said Natsuko. “You've been on there all day, Oneechan. Just because people call you the Bringer of Truth doesn't mean you have spend all your time listening to them.”

“But this is important, Natsuko. The Naki must be stopped.”

“I know, but you need to look after yourself too!”

The three sat together for some time, talking and drinking miso, letting the world pass them by.

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