Eternity - Harker / Dr Stephanie Strange

After years of working within the Annunaki Empire to subvert their domination of Earth, the treachery of the Twice False was finally uncovered by the Spurned Savior Malcolm Allison, although their elimination order was late in coming, giving them time to escape and disappear within the resistance. For several years they continued with the resistance efforts, teaching magic widely, and raising their adoptive daughter.

In August of 2027, Dr Stephanie Strange became bedridden with some unknown condition. With little or no knowledge of the quirks of Annunaki biology, the resistance doctors were not able to do anything, assuming that it must be a variant of one of the many anti-lizard plagues which had been deployed during the war. Over the coming months Mikiya and Adele could do little but watch their wife and mother succumb to the condition. In July of 2028, after nearly a full year of watching friends and allies say there was nothing they could do, and a full month of catatonia, Mikiya and Adele were awoken by Stephanie's screams. The doctor was quickly called for, although by now few held any hope. However, in the several hours that followed the doctor was finally able to offer a diagnosis, Stephanie was currently in labor.

On the 14th of July 2028 at five minutes past four in the morning, Mikiya and Stephanie gained a son. They would see him grow to see great hardship, his scaled skin and unusual eyes permanently separating him from the rest of his community, but he would overcome this with the strength his parent gave him.

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