Eternity - Haruyuki Nakamura / Jean-François Furneaux

“Jean-François Furneaux, born of Man, reborn of Wolf. So great was his fervour for the sake of humanity, and so skilled were his attacks against the dread Naga, that he was gifted the very Spear of Odin, Gungnir. With that spear did he slay many Naga, and many Naki, and many Dinosaurs. For he is Himin's Hound, the Hound of the skies, most heroic of all the Were-Wolf heroes. And they say he undid the curse of silver, and that the god Loki did watch over him, and that he did many other great deeds. And there are none who bear facts that would deny him these legends.

And so did he take up Gungnir, and he wielded the shivering spear against the reptilian hordes, and then was seen to fly to dark Nibiru, where lie the great wyrm-lords silently plotting the fall of man. And with that spear did he slay many of the star spawn, and his followers did destroy many forts and defences on the surface of the dark moon. So great was his skill and his prowess that he himself slew the great High Wyrm-Lord of Nibiru himself, and howled as he drew from the body the great silver spear.

However, he and his wulfen kin were few against many, and one by one they fell to the warriors of the Naki. Furneaux, the Hound of the Skies was the last of these. Nibiru is where those great heroes fell, and it is the hope of many an aspiring hero that one day they shall take up the great quest to retrieve Gungnir from the claws of the Naki…”

- From Wulfensaga, unattributed

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