Eternity - Icarus / Rebecca Bishop

Though Rebecca Bishop started out as an idealist, trying to find out about secrets government AI research, she reached a turning point at the height of the PALADIN affair. Having started to infiltrate into parts of the SPRC, a limb of what would be best described as the New World Order, Bishop did an about-face and handed herself in to the New World Order, in order to pass them valuable information about PALADIN as quickly as possible. This act has been credited for saving New York and Washington from PALADIN's nuclear frenzy, stopping a horrific tragedy turning into the fragmentation of the United States.

Rebecca had taken her first steps to realising one crucial fact about human history - people do not want to know about the dangers that are out there. Her aims fit in neatly, if not exactly, with the SPRC. She became a significant part of the newly-forming Unconventional Threats Agency where her job was to infiltrate online forums such as #Classified# to gather information that other sources did not have access to. She moved quickly up the ranks. Of course, her most noted achievement at this time was the destruction of the Helios AI using her custom-written Templar program.

Of course, when the Naki took over the planet Rebecca and the rest of the UTE became members of the resistance. With the SPRC rooted out and destroyed by the Naki, the UTE was left with the remains of the SPRC resources and a desire to fight back against the lizards. The human race could never be safe under Annunaki rule, bringing the resistance under the remit of the UTE. Despite the distrust of many of the resistance, the UTE supplied significant resources, technical help and personnel - although mostly in exchange for the resistance cells putting themselves under the UTE's command.

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