Eternity - Jaadoo / Lakshana Modi

Lakshana Modi was nearly single-handedly responsible for bringing India under the sway of the Naki. Her concerted campaign of subversion had turned the government into little more than her puppets. In addition, through her actions as her hacker persona, HoPlOk , she brought large numbers of the world’s best computing minds to the Naki‘s processing facilities.

When war came, her primary role was in defending the Naki against the more subtle attacks brought against them by both the resistance and the Alliance. With control of India came control of the tens of thousands of humans wired up in tanks to provide processing power. The use of this was instrumental in rapidly developing cures and countermeasures for the engineered plagues unleashed upon the invaders. Modi also set up fiendishly complex electronic defences around the Naki networks both on earth and Nibiru itself; backed up by the computing power at her disposal, human hackers never had any real chance of penetrating these.

Modi never stepped into the limelight, preferring to aid the invaders from behind the scenes. Without India’s early backing of the Naki, it is likely that they would not have integrated so successfully into the world in the time following their arrival, and may have been forced to play their hands as antagonistic invaders substantially earlier. The shadowy figure of HoPlOk can thus be seen as one of the key players in handing Earth to the invaders.

She walks along, past the rows upon rows of tanks. The humans floating within each do not bother her; indeed they represent a pleasing efficiency. Trust the mammals to come up with a worse enslavement for their own people than the Naki ever could. An aide hands her a report, which she scans through and signs off. She reaches her destination, the cluster of tanks at the far end of the room, protected behind bullet proof glass, and heavily armed guards who check her ID as firmly as anyone elses. She enters and looks around. The finest minds of the generation of the human she once was. Now unknowingly making Nibiru's systems the most secure ever known in history. As often as she can, she comes hear simply to watch. The irony is delicious.

POLITICS, n. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage - Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary, 1911

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