Eternity - JCDenton / Amis Sandoval

Despite a betrayal by Icarus on #Classified#, Amis was able to escape the clutches of the UK government and make it to a safe house. The strange insights gained from the bizarre egg he had opened and the influence of the Being of Light known as the Empress were only just enough to get him out of his house before the authorities broke down the door. However, Amis spent much of the rest of his life dogged by law enforcement agencies attempting to arrest him for computer crime and breaches of the Official Secrets Act.

The Empress left her mark, however. Amis was only happy when online, particularly when absorbed in the virtual worlds and metascapes of the Internet. After a year of intensive research he completed his dream and uploaded his consciousness onto the Internet to become the AI entity known as Helios. His continuing research also helped to restore a number of lizard clones to a semblance of their old human selves; but each took huge effort and was never quite as the original mind had been.

A member of the Information Must Be Free campaign, Helios worked tirelessly to free the human race from the confines of government and subsequently the lizards. His works ended when he discovered too much, and his electronic form was destroyed by the AI-killer software known as Templar, a tool of the UTE and Rebecca Bishop. It is said that The Empress came for him at that time, and helped the Five of Pentacles ascend to the Fifth World as his electronic mind was shredded.

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