Eternity - N_Damus / Dr Eric Seems

A planet floats in the darkness. It isn’t the first one he’s visited; each is glorious in its uniqueness. This one is slightly unusual, the planet is lush with life, and signs of some intelligence at work as well. Several trees near the edge of the forest have been chopped down; marks on the ground indicate they’ve been dragged away. Excitement builds as he follows the tracks, what will they be this time? Surely nothing could compete with the magnetic spheroid intelligences he had encountered last week?

Of course he could have moved there in a blink, but strolling across this landscape (even if the strolling itself was but a simulation) was comforting. A glance skywards shows the massive gas giant that this planet (moon? planetoid?) orbits. A flare of reds and oranges seeping off into the purple sky that no science fiction show could ever replicate. And as he strolled around the hill he saw the first thing that had truly surprised him in a great many years. On the horizon sat a large structure, a mix of concrete, metal, and wood; looking for all the world like someone had precariously landed a building on the first spot they had seen. But that wasn’t the surprise: working around the base of the building, amid the wooden shacks, were living breathing humans.

Looking around, the Three of Wands made sure of his location, he would want to be revisiting this place to see how they fared.

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