The Time Of Words

Some say a beginning is a very delicate time. But how to define a beginning? Things are constantly ending and beginning. This is nothing new.

Take, for instance, the Naki. Or the Annunaki, to use their full title - although they would prefer you to use the shorter. It's more friendly, and they were nothing if not friendly. Yes, some people saw them as a threat; but how could you object to Naki medical technology saving thousands from lethal injuries? Saving hundreds of thousands, millions even, from the ravages of Malaria and Tuberculosis? Of course, if the stories that the insurgents (or resistance) spread are true, this was not the doing of the Naki. If they are to be believed, the Naki are not the benevolent friends of Humanity that they first appeared. And if they are to be believed, the arrival of the Naki was not the beginning of their involvement in Human affairs.

But I get ahead of myself.

Perhaps the Naki arrival on Earth is an appropriate beginning.

To say that the arrival of Nibiru was a shock is an understatement. Shock was of course the first reaction; shock, surprise and fear. But the arrival itself has been documented already in quite enough detail.

The Naki told us repeatedly that they came in peace. Their moon was damaged, and since they were stuck here they wanted to be our friends. Many believed them; many were more skeptical. But they brought more than just polished words. Their medical facilities were the new wonders of the world, their gifts to humanity. Their agricultural and irrigation technologies fed those who were starving and brought peace to embattled countries. The world warmed to them; even those who were unsure at first changed their minds when they saw the benefits the Naki were bringing to the world.

The more liberal media were some of the most fervent supporters of the Naki. Politicians, musicians, writers and more railed against the bigotry and xenophobia of those who shunned the lizards. Surely, they said, in this day and age we should not hate the Naki just because they are different? The music charts filled with songs about transcending the human condition. Johnny Chess, noted posthumanist songwriter and performer, was at the forefront of the Naki acceptance movement.

India was the first country to officially offer the Naki territory, and the first to form an alliance with the Naki. Political commentators talked at length about India's desire to prove itself as a power in the world, and its rash decision making. But their decision paid off; India was the first to reap the rewards of other Naki technologies, and quickly became the heart of the Naki presence on Earth. Many other governments looked on in envy, and most countries had at least one political figure pushing for a faster acceptance of the Naki. America, Russia and China were somewhat immune to the Naki-philia sweeping the globe, and Australia as usual kept silent behind the Red Rock Curtain.

But there were those who resisted our new Lizard friends; some publicly and some not.

The Free Thought Movement started sprung up early in 2021; a musical movement led by the singer Adam Wilson, set against the blind acceptance of the Naki as the saviours of mankind. Their stated aim was to ask questions about the Naki's true aims and what their hidden agenda might be, but their songs were full of hidden and not-so-hidden messages of Lizard plans to enslave or exterminate humanity.

And then there were the terrorist attacks on Naki medical centres. Whilst there were some small, well-targeted raids, there were other more public atrocities. The July 2021 bombings in Russia led to the Naki providing armed guards in their facilities - the first sign of a Naki military. News of a group of insurgents led by somebody called Himin's Hound spread amongst the new Pro Human movement, and rumours started spreading of Naki infiltrators at high levels of world governments, supposedly discovered by someone known only as The Far-Sighted.

Of course, the Naki were most aggrieved by this insurgency, though they were clear that it wouldn't stop them trying to help the Human race; they didn't hold Humanity as a whole culpable for the actions of a few disgruntled xenophobes.

At about this time the rumours of the 'Return of Magic' were spreading throughout the world, with stories to go with them. In Birmingham, England a small Temple of Pan offshoot were taken to hospital with severe mental trauma after attempting a ritual they'd found on the internet. In Mexico a forest fire devastated huge swathes of rainforest when unwary experimentation in a lost temple caused a huge explosion. Whispered along with these rumours were a number of names - the Hopeful Scribe, the Bringer of Truth and the Twice False.

And toward the end of this time, the wildest and strangest accusations became public - that the Naki were manipulating or even controlling world governments, using mind-control or even replacing world leaders with Lizard clones. Of course, the Naki and most of humanity scoffed at them; but there were those who listened. The New Earth Movement started paying attention, many declaring that the Naki were unholy creatures, declaiming that the Gods of humanity were exactly that. Their acceptance of the Pro Human agenda was to lead to one of the worse terrorist atrocities of the early insurgency..

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