Eternity - Sally / Thomas Moore

Yelena-6 trailed thoughtfully after her boss. He was waving his hands enthusiastically in the air and talking; not talking to anyone in particular, just generally talking. He did this sometimes.

”…increase yield by fifty per cent! They may have been using komodo-variant biologicals in that last attack, but that doesn't mean we can't fight back, oh no. Let's see you nictitate with this on your corneas, you horrible little creature…”

Naki, mundane lizards, things that used to be lizards, and test subjects of all flavours gibbered and rattled in their holding pens as Doctor Moore swept past, making notes on his clipboard.


The clone politely snapped to attention. She sometimes wondered if the great scientist didn't have himself guarded primarily by her clones because he was quite so terrible at remembering names…


“Make a note. Next batch won't stand up so well to aquiferous delivery. I'm thinking a new vector, something we haven't tried before. Do we still have any of those hybrid mosquitophages left over?”

“A few hundred, sir. Some frozen, the rest are by the otter pens.”


”…despite repeated investigations - some politically motivated, some apparently linked to genuine misconduct - GeneTech's blanket policy of “we own your boss's life insurance policy and can buy you several times over” served it surprisingly well in its first years as a true corporate giant. It was only shortly before the formation of the Union of of Nations that any of the myriad court cases actually stuck, with outright bans on GeneTech in several of its major operating zones. Dr. Thomas Moore and many of his senior researchers were forced to flee to the United States and seriously curtail their global operations; however, quick thinking and the destruction of paperwork meant that GeneTech's long international list of “rejuvenatees” remained a carefully guarded company secret….”

”….goddamnit! Could have sworn he was here.”

“He was - hell, this lightbulb is still warm. They must have had a tipoff. They can't have been gone more than minutes…”

“All right, spread out and check the area for anything suspicious. You know the drill.”

“Talon! Over here! I've found something!”

“What is it, lad?”

“I don't know… broken glass, looks like someone's smashed a test tube. There's a note on it, it says, uhm, 'Hold Your Breath'…”

”….oh bugger.”

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