Eternity - Tomoe-tan / Tomoe-tan


Of course he can’t be brought back.
I gathered what I could with that hope.
But here I have found more fragments.
Within the broken lenses that litter this place.
Not enough to bring him back.
But perhaps enough to be something,


Give us your lonely, your afraid, your shut-in

We stride the hills of the ethereal. We are no longer bounded in our prisons of flesh; we have broken free of them, and we are forever winged and yearning on the winds of eternity.

I was (afraid/ugly/unloved/tired). Now I am none of those things. I am so much more. My nerves are sparkling copper wire across the earth. My eyes are in satellites that sparkle in stardust. My skin tingles with the breaths of a thousand beautiful men and women who want to (touch/love/admire/care for/be) me.

Your imprisoned, your hopeless, your helpless

We seek others who are like ourselves - who are like the selves we once were. The selves we escaped and left behind.

We befriend them. And for some, that is enough. We are there. we attend, we care, we understand. We remember those who did the same for us, in the old imperfect world.

Others, we know can be like us. They can escape. They can break free. They can join us as we leash the cycles of infinity, as we make the lightning crackle and dance at our command. We encourage them. We bring them. To be with us, to be free, to be Datsugokushuu.

Those who strive, those who wish, those who would be more

She was the first. She is like a (goddess/ghost/angel) to us.

We (remember/miss/attend to/love) her. She is (with us/one of us/watching us), always. She urges us on, she helps us become more than we are. From beyond the veil.

Those who pass beyond the human

We are warriors and peacemakers and spies. We are the heroes of our nation. They do not speak our names. But we watch them, through the night, and we keep them safe.

From the inhuman and the danger and the evil-thought and the assault and the unworthy, we are their guardians.

Those who are halfway to Heaven

They think we are trapped but we are free.


We strive, we win, we conquer, we escape.


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