Eternity - Wahid / Hherouth

They say it started with just one golem. That golem had a child with a human, or so they say. The parent died, having given the child purpose, given it life - and given it Freedom.

It's also said that Wahid had one thousand children - although that seems an awfully round number. The children spread across the land and started to dabble in whatever suited them. Some stole and lied, whilst others helped the poor and needy; and everything in between. Some even say that which golem was doing which changed on a regular basis.

Some say they found Religion, or that religion found them. Most agree that the Total Freedom Movement (nothing to do with the Free Thought Movement) was their doing; it definitely used them as inspiration. But most people were not ready for true Freedom. It's easier to make a decision when your choices are more constrained.

“Sir! Sir, what is it?”

“I have no idea, Hand.”

“But Sir! It - it doesn't look living! It looks like some creature of the Dark Arts!”

“That's as well be, Hand, but it's currently holding up that supporting beam whilst our personnel escape the building.”

“But Sir! I thought we were supposed to destroy creations of the Dark Arts on sight? Isn't leaving it there against orders?”

“Shut up, Hand. There's a reason why I'm a Claw and you're just a Hand.”

“But Sir!…”

“I said shut it, Hand!”

“No, really, Sir!…”



A pulpy squish is heard as another Wahid punches its fist through the head of the Annunaki Claw.

“Ummm… I'll be going now then..”

Sifr's Tomb was unlike any other built before or since. When trying to decide on an appropriate monument in which to lay the remains of his father, Wahid had had many arguments with himself. His nature prevented him from holding strong opinions for long. Hafren ip Daffyd was not available to provide direction, having disappeared some months ago. But in the end, the decision was obvious.

הקבר was the same size as Sifr, if not the same shape. He had a mind, if not the same mind as Sifr. A walking, talking, moving monument. Wahid was satisfied.

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