Eternity - White Hare / Hannah Lake

Hannah Lake, Shepherd of the Unsung, and mother to be of Baldr reborn, went into hiding after the arrival of Nibiru, under the protection of some of the most devoted members of the resistance. She was not idle in this time, teaching any who would listen the ways to focus magical rituals, and the arcane methodology behind numerological prediction. She also deployed her formidable accounting skills towards ensuring the resistance remained well funded and organised.

With her child born, and under the protection of Loki, Lake was able to take a more active role in the resistance, leading rituals to attempt to unmask Naki infiltrators within the United States and resistance cells. While many others focused on the storied heroes of the resistance, Hannah never let herself forget the hundreds upon hundreds of average men and women doing what they felt was right to save their world, and was studious in ensuring that the concerns of all resistance members filtered through to the leaders.

Much to her annoyance, many of the ex-New Earth Movement members within the resistance began to form a cult dedicated to her as the re-incarnation of Eostre. She did her best to discourage this, but once it had taken hold it never really went away. She also spent as much time as she could spare looking after her son, and raising him to understand the same truth that she had: no one is so small that their voice should not be heard. With the death of her lover, Adam Wilson in the attack on the Naki's citadel, and the weakening of the Naki's grip on the world, she decided that the time to announce her son's nature had come. She took the lead in rallying the resistance for the struggle that was to come.

“Craig, what the hell happened to your eye?”

“Mad old witch hit me with her bloody crook. The damned thing must be re-enforced with steel or something”

“Titanium I think. But she was in a good mood earlier, the shipment from Cairo was much larger than expected. What did you say to her?”


“You're terrible at lying to me you know.”

“Look, I just said that you would expect Eostre to be more forthcoming with gifts!”

”…You're an idiot Craig.”

And sin, young man, is when you treat people as things. - Granny Weatherwax, Carpe Jugulum, 1998 Terry Pratchett

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