A Vision

I am not the expert on this, but I propose the following:

  1. Governments must never again be allowed to hide so much from their citizens, to watch them day and night or to have them 'disappear'. We must teach people not to listen to their fear, or to delegate responsibility to states, but to stand up and deal with their problems as a community.
  2. The nature of magic has been hidden from the vast majority of humanity. It should be no less a part of the people's knowledge than our great scientific advances or technological achievements online. We must spread the word and enlighten people to the truth which has been kept hidden from them for so long.
  3. The lizards represent an external threat of a kind which humans have never before faced on this scale. There will be infighting as people accuse one another of being lizards, hatred of anything reptilian which could cause environmental damage and many other consequences as people struggle to come to terms with what has happened. We must be there with an answer and a story, to unite them and explain what has happened, so that we can move on, stronger and more united than ever before.
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