The Escape

Mikiya burst through the lab door, pistol in hand.


Surprised, she looked up from the analysis machinery.

“Billy found out about the attack. We need to get out of here!”

A movement in the corner; one of the scientists, going for an alarm. A warning shot stopped that.

“Alright, alright. Let me just shut this place down.”

Steph ran over to a computer, and tapped in the command to activate the magic that would purge the system. then she began grabbing various vials. Tense minutes passed, Mikiya keeping the pistol trained on the lizard scientists all the while. Suddenly, shouts rang down the hallway. Steph moved to the back of the lab.

“That ought to stop their attempts at a cure. Quick, there's a door back here.”

They fled the facility, alarms blaring behind them.

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