The Lizardmen's story

The place was incomprehensible to humans, with so many flashing colour and sounds and rotating pieces of strange crystals that it would drive them mad to look to long at them.

It was the central nexus of the lizardmen's planet, and it was under attack.

Even humans could have seen that: the slow panic with which the lizardmen moved from one station to the next, the lights that kept on flashing from one colour to the next like a man disco, the vision screens that were showing various types of chaos all across the planet.

Standing there in the room, Wahid yawned deliberately, to show his boredom.

“Well?” said the lizardman just next to him. “We've brought an abomination into our central command post; can that abomination save us, as he promised.”

“Of course.” Wahid stretched his fingers. “There is nothing I don't know currently about hacking and fighting off hacking attacks. And the attacker is another Wahid, anyway. Right, now you three: run around looking dramatic. You two: connect all controls to this consol. You: have a dramatic pictorial representation of the hacking battle, so that you meat-sacks can watch the fight. And everyone else… stand back!”

It was, all agreed, the most dramatic battle that any had ever witnessed. Nodes were compromised, secured, taken, re-taken. In the streets, tanks careened out of control, shooting to kill, until a bridge was brought down on it. In the first five minutes, Lizardman ally Wahid inflicted great damage and destruction on the lizardmen's planet, but managed to contain the chaos the other Wahid had inflicted. Now he had to roll back the other's infiltration, and take back control of the Lizardmen’s computer network.

It was an epic five hours. Every time the Wahid on the planet would falter, lizardmen would die. And though those deaths grew fewer as the day progressed, they also grew nearer: sensing his failure, the attacking Wahid was directing all his efforts to try and crush the central control centre. Finally, on the verge of being expelled from the network entirely, he managed to set a rocket on a collision course with the centre. The Wahid there glanced at its trajectory, murmured 'survivable' and completed his final efforts to re-secure the network as the rocket slammed into them, killing or wounding half the lizardmen inside.

Amongst the dead and the dying, a vision screen flashed into existence, broadcasted on an open channel. Wahid's face appeared on it, and, for a moment, the two Wahids stared at each other.

“Congratulations,” said the one on the screen. “I'm beat. Well, I was starting to get a bit bored of the whole thing, anyway. I think I'll devote the rest of today to furthering the lizardmen's cause on Earth. I'm sure you can spin the attack I made on you to get great publicity for your cause, and I'll start the ball rolling right now. See ya. Oh, and by the way, the Wahid you hired is planning to betray you. Long live the Men Of Lizards!”

The screen went blank, just as the Wahid in the control centre took the pins off seven grenades and started juggling them with great care…

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