The Moon Burns

Jonas Blain looked up at the night sky with his family surrounding him. The Lizard moon in their sights a dark and forbidden sight. A pin prick of light sparkled in the lower left quarter of the sphere.
“Ohhhhh pretty!” exclaimed the children.
“Ahhhhhhh” the soft wonder of the smallest of the Blain family sighed.
As a blue and violet light spread out from the tiny point spreading across the bland dark sphere.
“So pretty” a small girl exclaimed, as she yawned from being up so late.
The light all across the sphere now turned from Various prickly blues through violet and faded out through indigo. Over the next hour the Grey ash began to settle on the surface of the distant body. Occasionally there was the glint of almost diamond light from the surface. They wained in number just as the people on the poarch did. And once again the earth had a moon of a porcilan hews.
“Thank you JB” His wife whispered from his hug with extra blanket.
“It would have been a shame not to be able to take a proper moonlight stroll ever again, wouldn't it?” Jonas whispered back.
With that they set off down the track to the old creek like so many times before and not for the last time in moonlight.

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