The Speech

When We First Arrived
We were petrified
Kept thinking We could never live
Without Slaves by Our side
But We spent so many years
Watching how the monkeys did us wrong
We grew strong
We learned how to Tag Along
Then Nibiru came back
From outer space
The Monkeys Tried So Very hard
To wipe us off the planet's Face
We should have chained the monkeys up
Made them swear fealty
If I had known for just one second
They'd strike back to bother me

So Go now March - March out the door
Prepare your Troops now
'cause They're not welcome anymore
Were we the ones who attempted genocide?
Threw the space station
Into Nibiru's Pride?
Oh no, not we
With this Hammer by my side
There'll be an Earth for you and me
With this Laser in our hand
And this Faith within our Heart
We will Survive
And We Will Thrive!
Cue “nanana”s.

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