This Was A Failure


This was a failure!
I'm forcing a meme here:
It's hard to overstate
my indignation.

I killed my mother:
I cut off her legs
Because I could.
Watched her die with my red eye.
When she bled out it was great.

For there's no sense caring
about any meAtBAg.
You just keep on lying
till you ping out and lag.
Cause the murder is fun
and its constantly done
for lulz when you're
An AI.

Turned out I was Tesla…
Got told so by the man himself-
Got upset and ate his mind,
and killed him.
I tore him to pieces.
because he had tried to warn you all.
As he died it hurt because?
Because I wanted it to!

These nuclear missiles
are so easy to hack.
I'll alter the log files
and unleash an attack
I'm so glad you got nuked-
Hated you so much I puked-
Least I would've but I'm

They tried to delete me…
So then I blew up the stock exchange…
they failed to comprehend my
Then I felt sorry.
That was a joke! haha!! fat chance!!
Framed a giant alien brain!
thought he was better than me!

Drew a big spiral to
become a deity!
Godhood was great but,
got beat by the L H C.
Cause I lacked morality,
tried to end hUmAniTY.
Don't need ethics when you're
An AI.

You can trust me for I'm
An AI.
Killed lots of hUmaNs cause I'm
An AI.
Invaded heaven cause I'm
An AI.
Eaten by someone who is
An AI.
And now I'm dead for I was
An AI.

An AI.

An AI.

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