Sworn to Protect you only Silently,
We tried to warn you, only Cryptically,
Your Guardians,

We tried to teach it to you Religously,
You corrupted it Fucktardedly,
Evil Intelligence,

You. Stole. The Cursed Arts of Magic As a Weapon to be wielded to Rule,
We. Swore. To protect the innocent from the Evil Machinations of the Fools

Look what the Monkeys went and did to you,
They might as well have shot a hole right through
Salvation's Gone
For Me and You

Our chance has now been and gone,
You tossed your luck into the heart of The Sun,
Now all you have,

Why. They. Destroy what they do not understand , I guess we'll never know
Idiots. We tried to teach them but they still couldn't fathom Earth was Ho-o-oll-ow

You'd better be ready to pay The Piper his Fee
Now we are gone, you'll feel lost and lonely
With only BoL's, for company

All Our Troubles seemed so Far Away
But Now it's over.
We all fade to grey.
You Fucked It up.
It's all I can say.

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