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News comes mainly from newspapers, TV or blogs. But even the newspapers and TV companies publish their content online these days, generally with comment facilities for the public to make their opinions known. This turns out much as you'd expect.

United States Vice President Murdered

(From the front page of The Sunday Times, September 29th, 2019)

POLITICAL leaders around the world have rushed to pay tribute after Vice-President Walton Matthews passed away this morning, having been shot last night while making a speech at Austin city hall, Texas. Mr Matthews was attending a meeting to discuss educational reform in the state when the gunman struck. Three shots are reported to have been fired, two of which struck the Vice-President. Mr Matthews was rushed to Austin State hospital, but despite the best efforts of surgeons he was declared dead at 03:13 GMT. His assailant, who has not yet been identified, managed to exit the venue, pursued by secret service personnel, and was apprehended two blocks down the street. Laverne King, one of the hall’s security guards, is reported to be in a critical condition, having attempted to block the gunman’s exit.

Messages of condolence for Mr Matthews’ family have already begun pouring in. Prime Minister Elizabeth White is reported to be “extremely saddened” by the event, and leader of the opposition Paul Harding called it a “terrible tragedy”. Democratic primary frontrunner Victor Phillips had the following to say: “While I did not always see eye to eye with Mr Matthews on matters of policy, his death marks the passing of a great American statesman. He was an uplifting speaker, a true patriot, and showed a dedication to his wife and children that should be an example to us all in these troubled times.”

Groups around the world have reacted with anger to the news. Meredith Young, speaking for New Liberty in Washington State, said that she is “shocked and appalled that anyone would find reason to murder a man who still genuinely supported and campaigned for the rights of the individual. Mr Matthews’ work in checking the rise in state surveillance has been a great reassurance to many”. Some religious groups have blamed the “International Atheist Agenda” for the murder. “Mr Matthews was a man not afraid to let his religious principles guide his decisions.” said pastor Terrence Walsh, of the Atlanta Baptist congregation “Some folks these days seem to think that God has no place in politics, and I can tell you that they won’t be shedding any tears tonight.” Pastor Walsh is one of many who are organising emergency memorial services tonight.

Mr Matthews’ death could also have profound implications on next year’s presidential race. Analysts cite President Jones’ choice of Mr Matthews as his running mate as a significant…

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Obituary: Walton Matthews: page 34

Other Articles

New SAS uniforms unveiled

Minister: "Making our special forces special again"

Source: Guardian


1. xxCoolcatxx: Lol 1st.

29. TechJunkie45: Look @ the switches on those goggles (they do nothing lol!). There seems 2 be another option past night vision but I can’t quite read the text, stupid low res lol.

48. Voiceofreason: You credulous idiots are making far too big a deal of the silver weave in the material; everyone knows that silver has amazing antibacterial properties. You try keeping the peace when a stab wound gets infected.

73. Love@ndPeace: I don’t know why they’re wasting taxpayers’ money on this, it’s not like the uniforms they had already aren’t sufficient for peacekeeping duties.

83. BigBullDog: I’m glad that someone in the MOD is enough of a true Brit to keep our boys in the SAS the best equipped in the world. Love@ndPeace should move back to Australia with the rest of the commies.

Transmineralia report unexpected downturn in 3rd quarter profits

Problems in SA mines cited

Source: Wall Street Journal


17. InvisibleH&: Weren’t they tipped to have a record year?

33. $$bags$$: “Unexpected temporary costs” isn’t much of an explanation is it? I hope the shareholders are asking serious questions.

37. TruJustice: Serves them right for the shocking conditions in some of their mines. It’s companies like them that are holding back progress in South America to line their pockets. Good riddance.

White Announces "Boat Register"

UK Government to expand Home Registration laws to include mobile residences

Source: The Independent


8. ChrisStewart: What's next? If my child sleeps around her friend's house, will I have to report that to Whitey too?

13. KiKo_83: This expansion of the legislation doesn't just apply to houseboats, it covers things like caravans as well! Yet another sign that we're living in a police state. I've half a mind to leave the country; the place went to hell the moment the Tories got in. And we thought New Labour was bad.

51. guitarshredder5: everyone knows terrists aint living in registered accomodation anyway, whats the point stupid goverment i love my country and i aint a terrist why do i need to register anyway?

52. PPPower: @guitarshredder - Well if you aren't a terrorist then you have nothing to hide.

Unusual Buildings Found in Antarctic Survey

Geological Survey says structures may be human in origin

Source: BBC


3. Marcus P, Bristol: As a geologist I'm appalled by the shoddy reporting here - are they 'structures' or 'buildings'? They suggest an important archaeological site, but that makes no sense - I can see no way that any pre-20th Century culture could have survived in Antarctica.

12. expat99: Surely the Geological Survey have considered that this may be an American or Russian military base of some kind, left over from the Cold War? I'm surprised that possibility wasn't mentioned in the article.

13. DejaVu: @expat99: A military base in Antarctica would be impractical - there's no way they could ship all the supplies in and out without being noticed. It's not a hospitable place, anything sizable would need significant food, parts etc.

56. YogSothoth: Hey, did someone mention Giant Albino Penguins? :)

Review of DC Universe "Decisions"

Source: RSS (Ianto)


2. DCFan666: I agree, poorly thought out series, trying to seem deep and relevant without risking offending anybody. Very dissapointing.

7. InfoWobbles: Green Arrow suxx

19. PHPMoron: I ended up collecting the whole set for completeness. Such a waste.

22. TurnipDefender: MARVEL RULES!!!

On this day in 2006

An earthquake of magnitude 5.2 hits the central Philippines.

Source: Daily Mail

Aussies Can't Play Chess

Oz don't want Enigmatron songs in their country!

Source: Sun


6. fu66ored: whats he expct if he takes music to Oz? its all 'controlled infomation' now, even beatles and cash and all the greats, so they're not gonna let some guy bring enigmatron albums in are they?

19. pennywhistler: Yeah, the guy may be half Aussie, but he's half Japanese too - surely Japan's going to do something about it?

20. tasty8rains: @penywhisler they got nnukes down there man thats why nobodys done anyting about allt he other sh1t oz pulls

47. AlwaysACritic: Hey, I love Enigmatron! I'm sure Johnny and the gang'll do something, a benefit gig to get the guy out or something.

Cambodian Reforestation Meets with Local Resistance

Farmers Complain of Property Damage, Livestock Attacks

Source: National Geographic


6. K Yuki, Kyoto Do you think the writer has even looked at those photos?? The Incochinese tiger's claws aren't nearly big enough to leave marks like the ones that killed those oxen!

10. Ravi J, India I'm more interested in the local logging firms' supposed “philanthropic change of heart” - sounds like someone's scared them badly enough they've rolled over and stuck their legs in the air. Where's the money?

52. Jason Q, Solomon Is. This is all just an attempt to distract attention from what's really out there - by which I mean DOWN THERE - look to the sea!

LHC still fighting technical difficulties 11 years on

CERN admits “Most embarrassing project of all time”

Source: Reuters


5. MetaMuffin: The whole thing is a disgrace, the people responsible should resign immediately.

8. FlaminDork: The LHC does, and always has, operated perfectly. Just look at the average temperatures within the loop. They have reliably fallen every year since 2008! When average temperatures world wide continue to rise! The European federation are siphoning off the atmosphere to sell to a transdimensional alien consortium who have wrecked their own planet.

9. PoolThief: WTF??

10. Jackolantern: . . .

Europol Closes González Investigation

No leads on missing research assistant Daniel González

Source: Le Monde


3: QuantumAnimal: Another poor soul abandoned by Europol.

4: Pill63: It's been almost a year now, why waste any more tax money on him? He's probably been up to something and ran away to Hong Kong or something.

18: SuckMyDruid: It's the family I feel sorry for.


Graffiti found around the globe..

Mmmm, Bacon Found in Morocco

In Madrid, eye-winged butterflies symbols have been seen

That's What They Want You To Think! Found in Bangkok, Thailand

New Illuminati - Mad, Bad and Dangerous To Know Seen in Tucson, Arizona

“Jackpot!” Scrawled on a shopping centre in Milton Keynes

Natalia Argmanova is an Alien! Noticed on the Polish border with Russia

Apricot Apricot Apricot. Seen in Madrid

Faithful Friends? On a wall in Moscow

Large black spirals have been seen scrawled on walls throughout Laos

The Earth Is Hollow. Hollow Is Good. Daubed onto public toilets in Perpignan, France

A symbol of a red semicircle intersected with a dagger in Stockholm

There are three sides to every argument. Found in Hackney

I HAVE A MAGIC HAT! Scrawled over several walls around Bristol, UK

ITER - UFO tech? Scrawled onto a fence in Monaco

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