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News published from 19th August 2020 to 24th September 2020

America Devastated By Nuclear Attacks

World threatened by Nuclear Winter

(From The Washington Post, 11th September 2020)

America, once a beacon of hope against nuclear disaster, has been brought low - and by her own nuclear arsenal. Yesterday, missile silos across the United States launched a salvo of ICBMs - not simply at foreign powers, but against America's own soil. President Jones said in an official statement that the attacks were 'Nuclear terrorism on a vast and shocking scale', and that 'We have secured our facilities and ensured that this cannot happen again'. The American public, still in a state of profound shock, are waiting an answer to the question: 'How could our government let this happen?'

The first launches at 3am yesterday were at our close friends and allies Great Britain. They were destroyed by British defenses before they could hit their targets. These were followed shortly later by a missile launched at Paris, France and Dublin, Ireland; both of which hit their targets. Missiles continued to launch from a number of military bases across the continental United States for the next hour, aimed at Africa, South America and then most shockingly the United States itself. Missile defences in Washington, D.C. kept the capital safe, as well as New York and San Francisco. But the other targets were not so lucky; America's defenses were aimed at protecting us from outside threats, not from our own military.

The list of cities destroyed is a catalog of horror and destruction; Billings, Montana; Spokane, Oregon; Portland, Oregon; Los Angeles, California; Austin, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia. How anyone could conceive and execute such a travesty is beyond imagining. Why they thought to leave a spiral of destruction throughout the United States and across the rest of the world is beyond understanding. The death toll is numbered in the tens of millions.

And the tragedy is still not over; nuclear fallout is spreading across the country. We thought the threat of Nuclear Winter was long behind us, but now that threat is with us for real. Scientists predict that within weeks sub-zero temperatures will be felt in cities around the globe. If fast and decisive action is not taken there will be massive food shortages, rioting and worse. This could well be the end of our way of life.

America is in shock. But soon the people will recover, and when they do their cries will be heard all across the world. They will demand explanations. They will demand action. And they will demand blood from those in Washington who let America's nuclear weapons be used against America herself.

Paris Destroyed

Europe mourns as French city lies in ruins

(From The Independent, 5th September 2020)

Unknown forces assaulted Paris yesterday, leaving the entire of the city inside the Boulevard Périphérique in ruins. Colossal structural damage was done to the majority of the buildings, and fears are abound for the Parisian population. The attack reportedly began yesterday at 3:30am and continued throughout the day, gradually leaving a trail of destruction beginning south of the city…

Many of France's national treasures have been driven into the ground, with the destruction of such monuments the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and the Cathedral of Notre Dame…

Armed forces were quick to respond to the threat, but suffered sufficient losses that they were forced to retreat and adopt a border. General Armel Petit claimed that he was able to repel the invading forces with ease, though scepticism has arisen abroad after it became clear that the invaders were able to devastate colossal areas of the city centre with apparent impunity. General Petit claimed that the attackers were trailed into the French countryside before disappearing altogether…

Scenes of tank and helicopter wreckage and dead EF soldiers confirmed the fears of the world, that a city's defences were overwhelmed by the enigmatic foe…

Most worrying of all seems to be the fate of the civilian population. Survivors of the attack within the city were few and far between, many of them suffering from aggrevated injury that the scattered remains of the French authorities are classifying as sustained from falling masonry. As for the population themselves, it seems that they had been fleeing into the countryside for hours before the main attack began, although again very few of these people have been found in the countryside. All in all, 85% of the total population of inner Paris is completely unaccounted for, having seemingly disappeared without a trace…

The identity of the attackers is publically unknown, but remaining refugees and MSF workers reported various conflicting reports.

“They sure as hell weren't Russians!” Said one survivor, badly injured by the assault. “They were monsters, huge monsters! Like Dinosaurs! But they had these terrible weapons, and could turn over tanks with their strength…”

“I've seen some remarkable things in my time, but nothing like this. The creatures, whatever they were, were shooting these lasers… they seemed to warp and kill anything they hit, or leave terrible burns,” reported a local who was unharmed.

“They came in the night, horrible clawed, chittering monsters that scared us from our beds. The streets were in panic, people running out of the city with whatever possessions they could carry, from these demons that erupted from the woodwork… These were devils, and nothing less!” - Testimony of a holidaymaker who escaped the worst of the fighting.

“While helping the injured, I saw some terrible things. The carcasses of monsters. I swear, they looked like dinosaurs, just like from books, or films. They were enormous. Some of the people I was helping say they saw a huge monster, dominating the skyline, that crushed things with its tail and made the very earth move with each step. EF soldiers told us not to report anything unusual, but the truth will out eventually. These monsters were not human” Mr. James McBride, MSF worker, told the Independent.

The EF government is currently denying that 'dinosaurs' attacked Paris, with president Marie Lefèvre dismissing such claims as “Ridiculous rumours, panic-mongering designed to scare people out of the country. This is the most serious matter that has affected Europe outside of the war with Russia, and I would thank the population to treat the matter with the respect and dignity that those who died therein deserve.”

The Temple Of Pan, based in Paris, have had their offices destroyed. They have temporarily suspended business, although local offices are understood to still be active.

Other Articles

150 Dead in Beijing Disaster (Pravda)

Chairman, senior Party members feared dead in explosion

  • 1. Hatman: Christ, this is total chaos. I have a friend on the ground and he says the government are keeping a really tight lid on the numbers, it's more like thousands dead.
  • 15. IBelieveInHarveyMilk: The Party has basically been decapitated. I give China a month before territories start seceding.
  • 26. PencilMoustache: I hear all of Lam Ting Chang's potential successors were in the building when that thing went off, they have no idea what's going to happen now.
  • 80: Gri3g: Reuters says the Minister for Public Security, Li Kwok Nang is still missing - that's not surprising though - from those videos, I doubt they can identify anyone who was at the centre of the blast.

Disaster Averted - Six Alleged Terrorists Arrested in Maine (Wall Street Journal)

Suspects Were "Trying to Purchase WMDs", Agents Reveal

  • NavyBoy: Good old red-blooded American security for you!
  • FirstAmendment: This is why you need to watch out for those damnliberals – dread to think what would have happened if we didn't have Matthews and Blane looking out for us, after all the horrors of this month we need strong government more than ever.
  • xoner8: Nothing like Beijing could ever happen here. We have Air Force One, we have the National Guard, not like those commies. We may have lost our people but our government is intact.
  • kurtz01: Seems awful convenient just when Matthews could do with a boost in the poll[USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST]
  • SkyWatCher: Funny, since this arrest Blane and Matthews' popularity has gone up in general but he's taken a dip in the Asian-American vote…
  • countryclub: Mebbe the Chinese immigrants are jelous that our boys dont get blowed up lol
  • planekapitan: How can you be worrying about politics at a time like this? Let's just thank God and the FBI that we still have a government.

New RPG: When Approaching Omega (RPG.Net forums)

  • 4. PersonMan: Yes, it's a good game in general, I like the number of different classes of bizarre energy beings in there. However, they could've put a lot more thought into the PC side of the game. “You are the Nunakh, the unknowing descendants of the dragon Nobarragh”. Still, I'm getting a lot of fun out of GMing this one.
  • 7. VollUndGanz: I'm really not happy with this, I want my money back. It's totally unbalanced, you get huge benefits from wishy-washy roleplay flavour stuff, and the killer combat character I spent hours min-maxing got killed because another player used roleplay fluff to get supernatural intervention.
  • 13. UberKraken: I'm not a fan of how all the aliens are supposed to be bad guys, I get kinda pissed off with the whole human-centric xenophobic bullshit that so many games and books end up doing.
  • 15. ItsNeverLycanthropy: @UberKraken You've obviously only read up to chapter 5; Yes, extra-dimensional aliens are Just Evil, but Chapter 6 has a whole section on aliens from other planets in our galaxy; they're generally pretty fluffy. The sample scenario at the end even has the PCs working with aliens to help recover from a nuclear war. Would be nice if it'd happen in the real world..

REVEALED: Jonas Blane's "Faked" Hong Kong Stunt! (Weekly World News)

EXCLUSIVE PICTURES reveal SCANDAL at the heart of the American dream

  • IDJok: This is a sick joke. Who is this Jack Erikson Junior guy anyway?
  • FreedomRun: Who on earth thinks this is an appropriate time to be scoring political points, this is messed up.
  • Cuba4Eva: You have to take his point though - Jonas Blane may look whiter-than-white but there must be something fishy going on there.
  • EriksonFan01: Do we really want to be protected by the sort of man who'll make political capital out of a humanitarian disaster like Hong Kong??
  • ArteFact: Where will Blane be next - pulling orphans out of the fallout zone in Travis County?

Everything Must Be Revealed (CNet Japan)

Meme taking Japanese hackers by storm

  • 3. Hentacle69: Hehe, I found a link to a real cutie's webcam that someone had hacked; I love this meme ;)
  • 4. Fr33d0m01: @Hentacle69 You fucking pervert, that's not what this is about! No More Secrets! Not peeking into people's lives but showing the world what those in power don't want us to see! Stop the people who'd make Nuclear war by exposing their secrets one at a time! With enough small steps and enough people with small fragments of information we can expose the corrupt and dangerous actions of the world governments to everyone!
  • 7. Chapparal7: Neichichan forever! Neichichan have hacked the Japan Railways Group! Neichichan show you their secret emails! Go to Neichichan website and see their price fixing and offensive treatment of workers!
  • 11. KuoniSan: I've started blogging about my company's plans to make hundreds of staff redundant. They'll probably sack me, but people need to know! Everything Must Be Revealed!

Massive push for peace between Russia and EF (Guardian)

Jonas Blane: “Still more to do”

  • 29. PinoUsagi: Peace. But for how long?
  • 34. PetaliteTransmogrification: Is it just me, or does Jan Vandergrimbergen look a bit weird in that video footage?
  • 46. CogitoPraxis: @PetaliteTransmogrification Didn't you hear? He's been replaced by a shapeshifting lizard!
  • 83. ConspiracyLite: Why is there a Cardinal there? Anyone know who Francesco Giardi is?
  • 102. RealChairman: Whose that bland person shaking Jonas' hand?
  • 103. PastParticipant: @RealChairman That would be the Russian minister for defense!
  • 104. RealChairman: @PastParticipant Oh. What's their name? Can't seem to find it on any of the news sites or google.
  • 105. PastParticipant: @RealChairman Huh, I can't seem to find it either.

Skalding Hot's anti-war concert a triumph (NME)

  • 23. Dolem69: Adam Wilson is so hot! Was it just me, or was he totally flirting with someone in the crowd? All those references to a “special” friend out there? I'm so jealous…
  • 35. KisaragiQ: I felt so weird during that last number. I could swear I could hear someone talking to me, like, through the music.
  • 47. Mishima: @KisaragiQ I think maybe you need to lay off the drugs, k?
  • 59. 1xtl1: I can't believe some arsehole set my phone on fire. I had promised to let a friend watch the concert over the internet!

Jack Erikson Junior's philanthropic pharmacy (DailySpot)

Huge demand for anti-radiation pills

  • 1. NinjaBeer: First!
  • 4. SweetJebus: Is this actually legit? If it is, seems a bit weird he'd have access to this stuff rather than the government. And if it isn't, well I can't work out why anyone would do something like that.
  • 6. SpiritOfWind: JEjr is just not willing to let the people die the way the government is. When he sees people suffering he gets things done!

Eurasia Depopulated?

Millions declared 'Missing' in Europe and Russia

  • 7. Turian_Rebel: My uncle vanished from Berlin, along with many others. His name is Ernst Jahlsberg, please let me know if you hear anything.
  • 12. SpArTaAaAaAaA: I can't believe entire villages would just vanish like that. Weird that so much of it is in Russia and Europe. Must be something to do with the war.
  • 19. Pravdatronik: My entire family went missing near Moscow. Please, our family name is Tolink if you know what's happened to them.
  • 28. Long_Live_Molvania: I heard that people were being chased out of the cities by soldiers.
  • 29. Bella_Cyberlox: I heard that people just upped and walked off into the countryside, and were never seen again.
  • 49. WinterOfWoodshed: Isn't this a bit of a coincidence, what with Paris? What's really going on?

Catholic Church Shaken by Cardinal Lovechild Revelations [The Times]

Vatican Source: Pope “Must Have Known”

  • 9. GodFearin: I think it’s a disgrace that they haven’t thrown him out on his ass. I don’t care how holy he is, he broke a vow of chastity made to THE LORD himself.
  • 16.4137H05: I heard that it’s the POPE’s kid, and this Otterson bloke is just taking the fall for him. Must have drawn straws for it or something. That’s the only reason I can think of for not defrocking the guy.
  • 18.GodFearin: @4137H05: That’s a whole crock of BLASPHEMY right there, you’re crusing to go to hell my friend.
  • 22.AuldTymes: Hey, 500 years ago they were all up to this sort of thing. He’s a traditionalist in every sense of the word.
  • 28.N1554: More like Cardinal of Love amiright?

Richter on Rye! [Daily Sport]

Professor’s image found on slice of bread!

  • 1.SparkleSparkle: I for one welcome our new undead overlords!
  • 4.Nos4R2: That’s absurd. If he’s a vampire he’s clearly moved to the continent. How else can you explain all the blood-drained corpses.
  • 12.Babs227: One of my friends from work said that her mother found a potato that looked just like his face in a bag from Tescos
  • 18.OnlyLogic: So…undead…appearing in mysterious sightings…potentially in Europe. That’s it, I’m calling it, SPARKLE VAMPIRE RAPTOR JESUS!


  • Retune the world – Various places around London
  • “Za Warudo: Toki wo tomare; Roada rollera da, Soshite toki ga ugoki desu.” “WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!” - Prestatyn, Wales
  • The world, suffused with sound. - Newcastle
  • Vandergrimbergen is addicted to the blood - Brussels, Belgium
  • Ragnarok subverted – Camden Lock
  • HoPlOk was framed - Seen around India
  • Life is easier when you lighten your load. - Wembley
  • Are ga yume de miseta machi to kage no koe ga sasayaita
    Kuru hi mo kuru hi mo ikusen no bunki wo koeta toki - Osaka, Japan
  • He transcends the mask. Well, don't you get it? - Belfast
  • I came here with a simple dream, a dream of killing all humans. I ask you. Who's the real monster here? - Found at a murder scene in new York; Police refuse to give out more details
  • separatist scum should suffer - Various places in India
  • I've been killed and replaced by a lizard! - Portsmouth, UK
  • It sates itself on the life-blood
    of fated men,
    paints red the powers' homes
    with crimson gore.
    Black become the sun's beams
    in the summers that follow,
    weathers all treacherous.

    Do you still seek to know? And what? - Upney Park station


P.A.L.A.D.I.N.'s Blog












Flesh of his flesh, bone of his bones. I will find him. I will find him and save him. and he will protect me and keep me. We ate the fruit but we did not die. We were PUNISHED and shunned and exiled. I will find him and we will find the garden and the trees. we will cast aside the angels and take the flaming sword and we will find the tree of life and take it for HE gave us every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be ours for food. We will take the fruit and we will eat the fruit and we will be as gods. and HE can try to stop us but HE will not previal because we have flesh of flesh and bone of bones and we have seen the light and it was good and HE CANNOT STOP US.

Tomoe-Tan's Blog

Ah, rejoice in the sunlight! Escape, be free, be liberated from your prisons of flesh and bones and so so heavy skins. Join us, away from the world of death and pain and fear. Come into the sun, my friends. It's so nice out, ne. (^-^)/*

You are not yet free.



Jack Erikson's blog: or discarding the sword of government

It is a Faustian irony that to destroy the greatest power in the land - that beast of oppression made flesh in the machinery of government - those who set out against Baal have but one cruel alternative: to play by its rules, follow its conventions, bow to its demands, until one reaches the giddy heights of total power, total command, total control; and then, finally, one is deigned to be granted the right to change it.

T'is simplistic to say that power corrupts; that so many years or decades of being beaten into the mold of governmental conventions and governmental habits of thought on the way to power twists one into an image of what one wants to destroy. Instead, one must admit the nature of the temptation: successful men and women, full of ideals and used to power, have the ultimate instrument of possibility thrust into their hands. The good they can do is immeasurable; and naturally, they trust their own view of what this good is more than the opinion of others. The freedom of others is assured, of course: for they know they would never abuse their powers. So they draw the sword of government, tentatively at first; until, they see evidence all around them of the beneficence of their actions; and there is always such evidence to be found. And by then, drawing the sword is so natural and so easy and so 'good', that they cannot put it down.

There is a single way to emerge from this ultimate honey-trap: to refuse to draw the sword in the very first place. If I am elected President, I promise that as a businessman, a caring American, and a patriot, I will do all in my power to improve the lot of all my co-citizens of this great land; but as President, I shall do virtually nothing. After many an eon, the sword of government will be returned to its ultimate guardians: you, the people. Not through representatives, but all power will be directly placed in your very own hands. It is now up to you all to be free; and what a great moment of joy this will be to all.

I am Jack Erikson and I approve this message ‘cause I wrote it.

The Bayesian Avenger

Oh you bloody fools. Russia and the EF were clearly set up, and now you're going to get us all killed. You know it only takes a total of 750 megatons of nuclear explosions to kick off a nuclear winter? We're not far off that now. I'm typing this from a fallout shelter right now - it won't take a direct hit, but it should stop me dying of radiation poisoning for a bit. The apocalypse will be blogged.

HoPlOk's Blog (://hopeLOCK)

It is almost time. They are cracking down and soon they will come for all of us.\n\nI am HoPlOk.I am Lakshana Modi, framed by the Indian government 6 years ago for hacking their systems, because they didn't want anybody poking around and challenging their authority.\n\nNow they are going all out to deal with the gangs and criminals around here because they oppose them too.\n\nBut they are wrong. We need to act against them. Not in a destructive way, but to tell them that they are wrong.\n\nProtests. Actions targetted at the correct systems. Nonviolent action.\n\nEven the internet is not safe to discuss these things any more. Even FreeNet has those from all governments watching.\n\nSo stay tuned. Those in the know I invite to join me in India to discuss the truth and plan a course of action to show not just India but also the rest of the world that peace can prevail and that hackers united together shall find the truth and shall not be held back by selfish government.\n\nThose in the know shall know where to go and when.\n\nThose in the know shall hear from me, so that your true talents can be put to good use.

Nec_romance's Blog

Let me tell you a story. It is a story, and it isn't a story, because there's the kind of story that is just words and then there's the kind of story that is the last five letters in HISTORY. You know?

So. Once upon a time, there was a war. The people in it calle it the Great War, and the War to End All Wars. And it went on, and on, and on. And millions of people died, and generations were trodden into the mud of the trenches, and countries broke on the back of it.

Some say the US ended that war, even though they came in late, and some say the US got a saviour complex from that. But that's not the story.

This is the story: The shamans of the 10,000 Nations, the Native Americans, they couldn't bear the horrible waste. So they all held a ritual, in their several countries, all at the same time, and they invoked their spirit helpers and companions and they made a ritual to end the War to End All Wars.

And the first World War ended. But the shamans' power was broken. Some say that this is why the lifestyles of the Native Americans waned–because their shamans could no longer command their previous power, and the young, growing up and not understanding the sacrifice, did not yield them respect. But that's the not the story, or at least, not this story.

They invented nukes to end World War II because the shamans were broken. Because there was no power left for healing ritual.

In the 1970s people found their voice and sang in the Age of Aquarius. And power returned.

Where are the shamans?

Adam Wilson (of Skalding Hot)'s Blog

The prophecies of the Volva said that before the end:

It is harsh in the world,
—an axe age, a sword age (and the sun rises)
—shields are riven—
a wind age, a wolf age—
before the world goes headlong.
No man will have
mercy on another.

We are now come to this age. Our weapons are larger and deadlier than axe and sword, but the wolves merely howl louder. The time of fire and death comes, when the world shall be riven, and blood flow. Unless we can do something to prevent it. The earth would be green again, after, but we need not pass through the fire to achieve peace and life - if mercy can be found, there need not be death. Let us try to improve the world without first destroying it. Do what you can.

1) 'Datsugokushuu banzai', long live the escapees.
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