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News comes mainly from newspapers, TV or blogs. But even the newspapers and TV companies publish their content online these days, generally with comment facilities for the public to make their opinions known. This turns out much as you'd expect.

News published from 21st October 2020 to 20th November 2020

Main Story

(From BBC online, 14th November 2020)

World Attention Held by Alien Visitors

The world is still reeling from the events of two weeks ago. While tensions remain high, many countries are starting to stand down their armed response to the Alien Embassey. When we originally saw the image of the moon spiralling away from the earth, being replaced another darker body, many could only believe one thing: the days of human rule o this planet were at an end. Thankfully our new alien neighbours were not the threat that many had imagined. A damaged engine meaning they could not avoid the earths gravity well, they put all their resources into ensuring they would not leave our planet damaged by their passing, the charred crater that used to be their Capitol is testament to their commitment to avoiding the potential harm they might otherwise have caused us.

Now we know we are not alone in the universe, and now we have neighbours that have nowhere to go. As the Naki (as they refer to themselves) Ambassador has said: “If we are to be living on your doorstep, we should strive to ensure you want us around”. Within days of their arrival the outpouring of medical and agricultural aid began, and we are already beginning to see the effects. Infant mortality within Mozambique has already dropped to below 1 in 200, the EF/Naki medical centre in Brussels is seeing 300 people a day, and rates of illness and disease have plummeted in areas that the Naki are operating.

With the grand opening of the Naki Embassey in Brussels and the expectation of further Embassies in South Africa, Japan, New Zealand, Israel, and India; and negotiations with the US and China to start an earthbound colony; the Naki are now an integral feature of Earth politics.

Continued on page five.

  • 4. Monotide: You know, I'm pretty sure I've seen this in a number of movies.
  • 7. Bhatmut: Disease rates aren't just dropping where the Aliens are working, they're dropping worldwide. It has nothing to do with them.
  • 8. PansyFancier: Shut the f*ck up. My fiancée has just had her eyesight fixed by the Naki. I think their arrival is the best thing which has ever happened to this planet.
  • 9. BooCarKey: @PansyFancier Hahahaha, ur shagging a lizard!
  • 16. MissChief: Regardless of anything else, it looks like we're benefiting a fair bit from these Naki. I'm going to put a tentative vote for this being a good thing.
  • 20. MightyKen: Looks like something has miraculously cleaned up the fallout from the recent nukes too. Is this the Aliens too?
  • 23. WookieDo: @MightyKen That would be CompoundQ
  • 24. MightyKen: @WookieDo Except that CompoundQ is designed to work over a much longer period than this, and is frankly based on some quite questionable principals anyway.

Other Articles

Commissioner Jan Vandergrimbergen Found Dead

EF government shaken by suicide and resulting information leaks

In the wake of Jan Vandergrimbergen's death, a number of claims are made by his members of his staff from the Directorate of Tax & Customs, backed up by varying amounts of evidence. There are many cover-ups of bribery, insider trading and illegal interference by EF commissioners and their staff in the interests of corporate entities. In particular a number of government contracts were arranged to be given to Neurodyne Systems by various EF officials. Six EF commissioners have already resigned, four have been arrested and a large number of civil servants are currently under investigation. Evidence that the formation of the EF was heavily influenced by British national interests are less well substantiated, but seems at least somewhat credible. The British Council on Foreign Relations has officially denied the story.

Also released is a small dossier signed by Jan Vandergrimbergen containing a list of fifty-seven recent deaths attributable to the him. Also included is the claim than Jan Vandergrimbergen was bathing in the blood of innocents in order to stave off death.

The EF government is currently in turmoil, although the Naki are assisting with re-stabilising the region.

London Explosion "Being dealt with" (Guardian)

Witness reports confused

  • 4. LightlyRenewed: I heard that something flew out from under the Barbican and flew off into space!
  • 7. Skepticalise: And just how exactly is a single explosion meant to wipe out the Barbican, London Internet Exchange, AND the BT tower? The story is a load of bull. They may as well have blamed it on swamp gas.
  • 8. aNEMical: London is actually built on a swamp isn't it?

Jack Erikson Junior Dead After Freak Diner Collapse (New York Times)

Superstar Libertarian “Braindead on arrival to hospital”

  • 7.413705: “Severe, previously unnoticed structural deficiencies”? OK, I’m not normally given to conspiracy theories but there’s got to be more going on here. That diner has been open for forty years. Everything must be revealed.
  • 16.Gunut: He was going to WIN. More than half the people I’ve asked voted for him, and so did all their friends. The MAN had to silence him. I heard that they crashed a car through the wall after luring him into a private booth.
  • 25.llort: Republicans get to come back from the dead and libertarians don’t? Man…
  • 30.Tim88: I had a friend who was in the diner! A bunch of men in black turned up and bundled him into a black limo. Then they erased everyone’s memories and used a bomb to make it looked like the place had collapsed.
  • 37.Watchout1244: I heard that he struck a deal with the government to fake his own death. He’s been since walking around since by like five people.

Republicans Triumphant in Presidential Poll (Washington Post)

Blane: “Nation has made the right choice for a turbulent time”

  • 5.GoGoGOP: It’s good to see that common sense prevailed. The arrival of honest-to-God aliens is no time to be putting some wishy-washy Democrat in charge. We need a firm guiding hand, and Jones will give us that. God bless America.
  • 33.DonkeyPunch:So how long before he announces that we will be taking an “isolationist” stance to the aliens with the bloody teleporters? We needed a sensible man with foreign policy experience, not some posturing catch-phrase monkey.
  • 46.Sta2: McGregor should be proud of himself anyway. A year ago the Democrats didn’t even look like they were going to get a quarter of the vote, let alone 40%. And everyone knows that experience tends to get extra points in difficult times. Without all the wars he might even have done it.
  • 81.PrettyStandard: I can’t believe the libertarians actually got a college vote for that bumbling idiot. Nice work Nebraska. Way to make America look sensible.
  • 93.Antax: It’s fairly bad form to slag off the recently deceased. You just hate him because he provided a voice for Americans fed up with a government that let nukes fall on our soil.

Concerns Over US Election Results (Huffington Post)

'Compound Q' may have been adulterated by Chinese sources

  • 5. BeFree: The Information Must Be Free! The Truth can't be hidden any more, everything will be found out!
  • 7. Flakey99: Huh? Sounds kinda far-fetched. Bizarre Escahton cultists, Bob The Destroyer.. Not sure what to make of this.
  • 11. DevolvingRoar: @Flakey99 I've heard similar rumours from a whole load of different places - this doesn't sound like a misinformation campaign to me.
  • 13. LegOfTime: @DevolvingRoar Yeah, same here. Although in my case mostly from Japan, which is wierd. Apparently there's a lot of hackers over there trying uncover government secrets and shit.
  • 17. MaceChancer: It's all coming together! The Triad violence in Hong Kong last year was just them testing the mind control drugs!
  • 19. ReleaseTheDogs: Sounds like a load of horseshit to me. At least it's not stopping Jones getting in, which is what America needs right now.

Vatican destroyed in terrorist attack

Church declares lack of casualties 'Divine Intervention'

  • 6. VelociRapture: Thank the Lord than nobody was injured during the blast. This is truly the work of God protecting us from those terrorist who would do us harm.
  • 7. Mellow_Earth: The Vatican is in ruins. The church has fallen. This is a sign of the end of times! We must flee from the shadow of the burning church and build ourselves a new temple! Flee the flames! The world is burning! Reptilian star-spawn come to enslave your loved ones!
  • 12. TempleGoddess1999: Clearly the true Gods have cast down the weak and staid church, and spared the lives of the catholics out of their mercy, not the false catholic 'God'.
  • 78. Admin_Hat: Any further flaming on this thread will be dealt with harshly, and posts will be deleted. Either keep to the topic or lose your posting priveliges.
  • 94. Pater_Novus: It is indeed strange that the damage was so great and yet injuries were so scarce. The collapse of St. Peter's Dome caused only minor scratches on those -inside-. I'd say it's pretty miraculous.
  • 95. Definitive_Divinity: Granted. Though I would still like to know more about this 'terrorist organisation' that supposedly has nothing to do with the 'fallen' Temple of Pan.
  • 99. User1061: I did it.
  • 108. Ex_Oblivione: I heard someone say they saw that guy from that rock band go into the Vatican that day.
  • 109. Future_Sailor: What rock band? What 'Guy'? Not every explosion needs a rock star in it. You'll be saying it was Avril Lavigne next.

“Observation of Role-adoption in Roleplayers: The Angst vs Bad-ass Spectrum” Featured Article

  • 1. ChrisNaif: Another great product from the “When Approaching Omega” author.
  • 18. RepentIsNigh: Not sure I disagree with the central conceit. Is it really fair to say that anyone chooses to adopt the “angsty” role?
  • 52. CantStopThe: Spread information. Let it free. Author of this project left coded messages. Jonas Blane's military record not all it seems. Resist our lizard overlords. Spread the truth.
  • 53. ForumAdmin: @CantStopThe [user was banned for this post]

Niu Administration Stabilises China

Senior Diplomat Reopens Embassies

  • A4liy4h: Who's this “Tang Huai Jung” guy they've got doing the rounds of Asiapac and elsewhere, shaking hands and smiling for the camera?
  • n3ting: He seems to have come out of nowhere - probably another of Niu's business contacts
  • OwnLeeHoap: NO MORE SECRETS. EVERYTHING MUST BE REVEALED. “Business” contacts? The guy's a crook! His “business” is racketeering, prostitution - and now, apparently, running the country.
  • tictictic: There isn't any proof of criminal links in the Niu industry…
  • compl3x_0: Who even cares? Transport links are working, people have stopped rioting and we're eating again. Isn't that enough?
  • H4LL3CK: There haven't actually been any elections. Or, you know, any process other than that these guys showed up and the military seem to be listening to them.
  • canbebought: Why *are* the military listening to them again?


  • “Sometimes, sacrifices just have to be made for the greater good.” - Demolished shanty towns in India
  • Your bonds will break from me - Carved onto broken masonry at the site of the Vatican
  • I'm a self-made woman now. - Moscow


Jean Michelange's Blog

In the form of a video blog entry

A youngish looking man in a well-cut suit with dark brown hair sits in a chair and looks directly at the webcam. Behind him stand several well-stocked bookshelves and a pair of large French Windows. Outside it is dark, but the glimmer of an approaching dawn has begun to light the landscape. On the desk in front of the chair and its occupant are some papers, a keyboard and, off to one side, a dull, matte-black pistol of medium calibre.


My name is Jan Vandergrimbergen. I was born on the 3rd of October, 1992 in The Hague and to those members of the Classified community who see this, I am known as Jean-Michelange.

I have tried to do great things, to protect the places, people and values that I love.

But I have let arrogance control me, power seduce me and pride blind me.

In my hubris I came to believe that the ends would justify the means. I now know that I am not a man to make such choices. Barely a man at all.

I have killed fifty-seven people.

Not 'Without intending it, I caused a number of people to die', or 'I knowingly allowed people to die', or even 'I gave the order and people died'.

I have slit the throats of fifty-seven people and bathed in their blood. Each and every one I did for power, always more power. But I achieved nothing of worth with that power. Nothing. Each death a terrible crime, a terrible violence and all for nothing.

To realise this, to realise all the lies I have told myself; to know the things I have wrought in the name of this greater good… this is the most difficult truth I have ever faced.

I have sought atonement, and soon I will seek absolution.

Everything must be revealed. The link at the bottom of this page contains the names of every person I killed. Where possible, I have included their last words. It is a start. There will be more. Everything will be revealed.

This is my atonement.

Now I go to my absolution.

The man leans forward to turn off the webcam. Behind him the sky is lighting up and full dawn is only minutes away. The video ends.

Tomoe-tan's Blog


I'll do my best.

Fearing me is rather silly. I'm not KoPImi, or even copied at all. Some of you have done Great Evil, and some of you haven't. If you haven't, there is nothing to be frightened of, ne. (^.^) Heaven is waiting and I have seen it.

In any case, I do my best.

For Freedom and one thousand years of Datsugokushuu.


Hear me, my children. Listen not to LIARS. Politicians are liars - I am not a politician. I am Eve, I am woman. No man could be Eve. How would he be the mother of all?

The snake was once our friend. He made us question the LIES of the Lord and see them for what they were. But as we were PUNISHED and EXILED, so the snake was punished. The snakes can't be our friend any more - for there is enmity between them and my offspring, my children. Do not trust the snakes. Crush their heads but don't let them strike your heel.

The Way is close. I will look after all my children. Seek out the Light of Adam and let the Illumination guide your way. We will find the Garden and be at peace.

JCDenton's Blog

Is the end of the world really coming? I hope not, but we should be prepared regardless. If we had no choice but to jump into another world, should we? Only on our own terms, we must not be pushed by aliens or others - that is a receipe for the end of humanity as we know it.

nec_romance's Blog

Turn back, O man
Forswear thy foolish ways
Old now is earth
And none may count her days
Yet thou, her child
Whose head is crowned with flames
Still will not hear
Thine inner God proclaims
Turn back, O man (is your seat comfortable sir?)
Turn back, O man (mmm, I like that)
Turn back, O man (can you take it?)
Forswear thy foolish ways
Earth might be fair
And all men glad and wise
Age after age their tragic empires rise
Built while they dream
And in that dreaming weep
Would man but wake
From out his haunted sleep
Turn back, O man…(i'll say it again)
Turn back, O man… (can you see from where you're sittin'?)
Turn back, O man… (hiya big boy)
Forswear thy foolish ways.

1) So, now I'm going to Nibiru?
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