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News comes mainly from newspapers, TV or blogs. But even the newspapers and TV companies publish their content online these days, generally with comment facilities for the public to make their opinions known. This turns out much as you'd expect.

News published from 14th April 2020 to May 13th 2020

The Aftermath of Kyiv

(From Rural News [Ukranian: Silski Visti], 13th May 2020)

One month ago today, Kyiv became the first victim of a nuclear attack since the Second World War. The death toll so far is over 1,000,000; our hospitals cannot cope with the number of radiation sickness patients; our country's heart has been cut out. We still have no idea who was to blame; whether the European Federation, Russia or some terrorist faction.

What we do know is that a device of approximately ten kilotons exploded at just past 11.30pm on 13th April 2020 in the Maidan Nezalezhnosti [Independence Square], in the very heart of Kyiv. At least 350,000 people died in the initial explosion; we cannot be sure how many. Europe and Russia responded within an hour, both powers taking the bombing as an attack and quick to make threats and demand retribution. Evacuation started of the districts to the north-east of the city, where radioactive dust and debris drifted on the wind. Local and international aid arrived the next day, with refugee camps formed in the countryside some distance from the capital. But by this time, the death toll had risen to at least 450,000.

Over the next few days the radioactive dust cloud spread out to cover over a thousand square kilometres to the north-east of the city. Large areas of farmland are now unusable, and scientists are still trying to determine the extent of the contamination. The refugees from Kyiv are still mostly in camps around the city, being treated for radiation exposure. Over the next few days the displaced population of Kyiv will need to find somewhere to go.

International tensions are high; The European Federation and Russia have at least not gone to war, although some in both governments have been pushing for it. Fortunately cooler heads have prevailed, with help from the leaders of America and the other nations of the world. The most popular story so far is that terrorists planted the bomb to try to provoke war between Europe and Russia, but if that is true where did they obtain a nuclear device from? Britain has implemented zealous new security measures against assault by sea. What do they know that they are not saying?

To the politicians, the Ukraine is merely another pawn. The European Federation claim that they have been attacked. Russia declaims the destruction of what was once a Russian city. America and Britain use us to show how kind and noble-hearted they are, and how good at making peace. After only a month we are being overlooked by the great World Powers. When our world leaders wield so much power, even such events as these can seem but moves in a giant chess game.

Other Articles

Headline: Antarctic Archaeologist Deported [Le Monde]

Dr Zubiri Forced From Africa on Drug Trafficking Charges

  • 3. Poiuyt: But what drugs, thats what I want to know, notice how they never mention it.
  • 7. cokeandaspirin: What's he even doing in South Africa anyway? I thought he was that guy who dug up that Antarctic military base or whatever it was. Aren't they still working on that?
  • 9. FourTwentie: @poiuyt probably selling some dope, that shit is soo cash
  • 12. KleinBottle: Where can I find a copy of his paper? I heard that its got some really interestoing stuff in there.
  • 21. Garble_99: Google it, dumbass. Just search for – A. Zubiri et al. UPV Antarctic Expeditions 2019-20: the archaeology of a German Cold War base. Biarritz, 2020.
  • 22. KleinBottle: That's not helpful, I can't find it anywhere.
  • 23. Garble_99: Then go to a library or better yet a UNIVERSITY. The internet is not your personal army and shock horror not everything is online these days despite what you might have thought.

Headline: Archbishop of Seville Excommunicated

Temple of Pan has “No Place in God’s House”

  • 6. Sybaria666: It’s funny to see how desperate the church is getting these days. They know that they can’t compete with the Temple among the younger generation. After all, what have they got to offer us?
  • 12. D_NT_NVK: I don’t think people are paying this the attention it deserves. It’s the first time someone’s been excommunicated since Ramone in 2015. [Pope] has been pretty bloody liberal on most things (not that he’s had much choice), and if he’s decided to make a stand on this then that speaks volumes.
  • 17. Sarah_Mum: My daughter goes to church with me, but I think she goes along to some wicca thing in town. I thought it was harmless, but now I don’t know what to think. Should I be stopping her.
  • 25.Hark@sound: Too bad we can’t burn him at the stake. Though shalt suffer not the witch to live. @Sarah_Mum: Your daughter’s mortal soul is in peril. You need to stop her going to that cult and get her along to confession.
  • 29.Archusian: YouR AlL SO BlinD. ThE PopE IS ThE ArchmaguS AnD ThiS BishoP FounD OuT ThE TrutH.

Headline: LHC gets new water feature (Le Monde)

Ecologists up in arms over heating of lake Geneva

  • 1. FishWarrior: Making use of the lake to cool their equipment is simply not acceptable! The estimated heating of 1-2 degrees will have a serious enough effect on the ecology of the lake as it is, but they don't even mention that the temperatures near then pumps are likely to be 15-20 degrees hotter than they currently are.
  • 4. NecroTrout: Why waste more money on this heap of junk. Just stop funding it and use the giant tunnel as some kind race track or movie set!
  • 7. CrimsonArchitect: Okay, so the lake-coolant thing is a little poorly thought out, but there are a further three of these cresent tunnels being added to the system. Can't wait to hear what the explanation for those is, they aren't even near bodies of water.
  • 26. Noheptokep: Just saw the planned tunnels now, they look a bit like some freaky occult symbol I saw doing the rounds recently.

Headline: Shana Li brings international spotlight to plight of Kiev

£2million raised in first 3 hours

  • 5. User001of6B: Well that was some interesting viewing. Fascinating mix of Shana's documentary skills put to use outside her comfort zone and very awkwardly inserted requests for donations meant I was often not entirely sure what I was watching. What certainly came across is that Shana really does care about many of the issue's she tackles and is not afraid to use her media access to make sure that the world knows about them. She is also a remarkably good interviewer considering the bulk of her experience is wrestling assorted giant and deadly wildlife. The plight of the surving residents of Kiev was highlighted well, although in some cases I would argue slightly too graphically. I hope we continue to see this increased range from Shana in the future.
  • 6. User: WTF? Seriously, User001of6B your “review” of an impassioned plea for help with regards to one of the worst tragedies of our time is just sickening.
  • 7. Peanuts09B: Wanker.
  • 8. M3d1c1n3M@n: Fag lol

Headline: The Great Blue Scourge (The Independent)

Over 20 members of Metropolitan Police made redundant

  • 3. Gizmeaux: Made redundant? Or… KNEW TOO MUCH!?
  • 9. ChocolateOrange: At a time when the police seem to be in high demand in the capital, these firings come as something as a surprise. I wonder why.
  • 26: Element_Of_Supplies: All so shortly before Lord Hutton retires over the encryption bill. I wonder how that ties in?
  • 27: Special_Kaye: All that new police presence in Oxfordshire, though. What's with that?

Headline: Skalding Hot Censored

'Nidhoggroast' charity album cover denied by censors

  • 10. Phayser: I don't think the mushroom cloud imagery was appropriate IMHO.
  • 12. Gremlin_in_the_Kremlin: @Phayser Agreed, A dragon roasting on a mushroom cloud? Really?
  • 23. Trim_City: ffs it was for charity ppl the moneys going to the poor ppl in kiev so stfu who cares about whats on front
  • 38. LesserEvil99: The original cover was a mistake, but it was changed. And the album has raised thousands for Médecins Sans Frontières.
  • 47. Irminsul: “Band Manager Tom Forestson claimed that the censorship was unnecessary.” Yes yes, a deeply irresponsible attitude and what not. Nevertheless, the album kicks ASS.

Headline: Crisis Averted

Treaties Agreed, Powers Retreat "From the Brink of World War"; US Diplomat In Spotlight

  • D4nc1ng_Sp1d3r: I don't think this Jonas Blane guy is all he's cracked up to be - he flew to a few places, shook a few hands - where's the real work on the ground?
  • SolidCub05: Give him some credit - India and Pakistan seriously would have kicked off if he hadn't been there showing the flag.
  • SteamyMaxiDumm1: The “flag” is exactly the problem - this isn't “world peace” - this is American imperialism at work!
  • starcool: Yeah, are we really supposed to believe that some redneck senator made everyone kiss and make up by talking sweet?
  • StoneFist: You have to admit, Blane hasn't put himself forward - every time they've tried to interview him he's been heading off elsewhere to stave off another crisis. It's just the news outlets that made such a big deal of his work.

Headline: Israeli Government Offers Reward to Bright Young Hackers

Senior Officials Deny Statement; Senior Analysts Deny Denials

  • Frogl3tMeaty8: Okay, so, let me get this straight - the Israeli government puts out a statement that they've created some souped-up AI-based “perfect security” node…
  • Prince_Grimmmm: …and a challenge to hack it?
  • Grot_es_que_Grrl: …A reward for hacking it?
  • DesirePup: …Fifteen million Shekels for a successful attempt…
  • Student~Risky: Lol no, there was an official denial released immediately. There was no node, no reward, it was a prank!!1
  • HilariousB: Don't you read They traced the “denial” back to some hacker blog.
  • Y0d3l3r: No, that was the original denial, there was another one.
  • AlphaRomeo: No, they traced *that* one back, it was routed a couple of times but it was the same guys!
  • El_king: Are you sure? I thought I saw Reuters…
  • CrispSwan: Yeah whatevs.
  • 04Screamer: Didn't you see the official denial from the BlackHatConfederacy? They said they were NOT going after this, despite rumours.
  • W4rmDEM0n: I heard that THEIR 'press release' was actually FROM the Israeli government…
  • Rusty_Girl: What actually HAPPENED here? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


  • Revenge returns to us, this returns to me, We are bound to battle for eternity – London, Copenhagen, Glasgow, Dublin
  • It's not a nuke, it's a fission reactor. – Geelbek, South Africa
  • All that we see or seem
    Is but a dream within a dream. – Johannesburg
  • It seems like we found a fourth side to the argument. – Hackney, London
  • I'm going off the rails on a crazy train BRAIN – Birmingham
  • They just tell it like it aint' – Brooklyn, New York
  • On an online obituary website



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Right. This is serious, but let's not do anything stupid. I can sense the tabloids gearing up to blame Russia/the EF/illegal immigrants/Aprilists/The Men In Black/communists/aliens. We don't know a thing. Not yet.

What we do know: - This was a pretty small nuke, potentially small enough to be a suitcase device. - Ever since the collapse of Soviet communism, there has been a lot of fissile material unaccounted for. - Kiev is a pretty important technical, scientific and economic centre. - If either Russia or the EF wanted a war, this was a bloody silly way of starting one. It's not a terribly effective first strike, and it wipes out a major asset. If some bugger wanted to start a war between Russia and the EF, this would be a convenient way to do it. The question is, who's going to benefit from having Russia and the EF at each other's throats?

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