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“Spencer was, without a doubt, the most prominent of the human collaborators prior to the perihelion of Nibiru. A former soldier, he had been experiencing limited contact with Naki scouts in the Congo long prior to his voluntary processing. Ironically believing the scouts to be some manner of dark forces, he eventually encountered them in person and began a slow process of acclimatisation whereby he would eventually volunteer to have his body processed. In reward for his collaboration, he was granted full application of his existing mental faculties…”

“His work on the Dinosaur troops was quite incredible, especially with the training alongside pheromone treatment that allowed the (many would say wanton) destruction of Paris. But perhaps his later, less well known efforts are of more significance to the later conquest. His breeding and training programs and governance over a certain portion of the Terran interior's genetics corpus led to the creation of many extraordinary beasts. Most well known of these was the 'Dragon' that struck terror into the hearts of so many insurgents, being created from Tyrannosaurs, Seismosaurs and Pterosaurs. This represented a creature of Human legend, and with a certain sense of poetry the beast was slain by one known as the 'Dragon Slayer', Shauna Li…”

“It became increasingly clear that MIND Spencer, as he would eventually become, was an inveterate hater of other people. He disliked his fellow Human as much as he disliked his fellow Naki. He spent increasingly more time spent solely with the Dinosaurs and the Naga, and a great deal of time on his own…”

- Excerpts from A history of the Annunaki Conquest of Terra by A'Sansatha of Ankaris

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