Eternity - Ulfr / General Vision

General Vision, whose true name was never recorded to lore, was the leader of the mercenaries known as The Pack. They were Werewolves, great beast-men, men who had taken the blood of the great wolf Fenrisulfr, son of Loki the Wolf-Father. Fenris had choked on the Silver spear known as Gungnir, and so all his blood-kin were born with the curse of silver.

The Shaman who first gathered Fenris' essence, becoming the first Werewolf, is long dead and forgotten. Only General Vision remains of those who took his blood. It is said that the Wolf-Father Loki looks kindly upon General Vision, his great-grandson, and has aided him through the many years.

General Vision is very old these days. He fought bravely in the war against the Naki, and still fights them to this day. He was not fit enough to reach Nibiru, but he still bears much pride for those of his kin who fought and died there. These days, The Pack fight in great powered armour, spending more of there time in wolf-form to be able to lift the heavy joints. And they are rightly feared by the Naki, who always slay fewer of the pack than the pack slay them.

- From Chronicles of the Godborn, a series of collected tales and legends surrounding The Pack and the various godly creatures on Earth

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