Ganbatte ne


I am leaving you. At least, you may see me, perhaps I might work with you from time to time, but as for being One of you, I am not.

We who were prisoners of our own design know as well as anyone what it is to gain freedom. There are so many, so many who will never find it for themselves any more than any of us would have stood at Hachiko's statue in Shinjuku at 6pm on a Friday.

Imprisoned by bomb shelters and mindless jobs and evil and their own fear, thousands upon thousands [hardly] live. Help them.

Work with those who work for freedom, and good, and peace. But that you are Datsugokushuu, and halfway to Heaven, never forget, ne?

All that I worked on is yours. Fear those who seek to subdue you to their own desires. Know that I was one of those. For it, shitsurei shimasu1).

Freedom-san may help you, if he grows into the good he can be. But, your strength lies in each other and in your own

Work hard, be friends, and I hope I will see you soon.

Ganbatte ne.

1) I am sorry if I have caused inconvenience
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