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News comes mainly from newspapers, TV or blogs. But even the newspapers and TV companies publish their content online these days, generally with comment facilities for the public to make their opinions known. This turns out much as you'd expect.

News published from 6th October 2019 to 4th November 2019

Terrorist attack on Conservative leader foiled

(From BBC News, October 29th, 2019)

An attack on the Leader of the Opposition Paul Harding has been foiled by the Serious Organised Crime Agency, in association with GCHQ. The Aprilists, an international terrorist organisation with links to anarchist groups throughout Europe and the United States is believed to be responsible.

The 35lb (15.9kg) device was planted outside Shoreditch Police Station in greater London during a private visit by Mr Harding. Bomb disposal officers managed to disarm the main explosive charge, but were unable to safely remove the trigger charge. A minor explosion caused interruption of communications and power to the police station, but there were no casualties. SOCA are working with MI5 to determine the nature of the device, which they claim is 'surprisingly advanced'.

A number of suspects have already been arrested by the Metropolitan Police. The Aprilists have claimed responsibility for the attack, although sources within SOCA report that they were already aware of the link before the announcement by the terrorist group.

According to a statement released by SOCA, intelligence leading to the discovery of the bomb was provided by GCHQ and MI5. Whilst civil liberties campaigners have repeatedly protested the close links between police, intelligence agencies and government departments, SOCA reports that it is only these close links which allowed the device to be discovered before it detonated.

Investigations are ongoing into how Mr Harding's schedule was leaked; the Conservative Party are working closely with SOCA and GCHQ to follow the trail of information back to its source; however, the ability of law enforcement agencies to track online communication has been severely limited by the Apirilists' use of Freenet to avoid being traced.

Prime Minister Elizabeth White has reacted with outrage. The government is considering emergency legislation to curtail the anonymity of Freenet, particularly to force users of encryption software to make their decryption keys available to law enforcement agencies. Whilst it is already illegal to use encryption software in a manner that could obstruct legal investigation, this has been difficult to enforce. The proposed legislation would make it much easier for the police to determine who is using encryption software illegally.

Link: Freenet - Blessing or Curse?

Link: Encryption: Know your responsibilities

Link: The Aprilists - to the US and beyond

Other Articles

Headline: Tribute Continue to Pour in for Walton Matthews

A Nation Mourns

Source: Washington Post

  • 7. Enditall13: Seriously, is there anyone who didn’t love him. He was a gun toting nutcase.
  • 14.LiberateNow: I’m surprised Michael Grant was desperate enough to get in on it, he’s a well known democrat supporter. Celebrities will do anything for a photo op these days.
  • 42.H8Face: I haven’t seen Leila Shamil looking so good since she went into rehab. Touching words too, it sounds like she actually cared.
  • 46.username666: @H8Face: oh come on, she’s so 2013. It’s all about Kaylee Steel these days – I’d like a tribute from her if I die suddenly.
  • 54.Admin_Jeff: Enditall13 has been placed on probation. Please stop emailing us.

Headline: Speculation about 2020 Jones Ticket

GOP source: “Wolfson not our girl”

Source: New York Times

  • 3.Inourtime9: Poor woman was thrust into the job less than a month ago and they’re already trying to disown her. Give her a chance…
  • 11.A0K: Looks like they’re not trying to break the mould too much. Lots of cheery southern senators are edging forward looking hungry. Watch me dance with joy.
  • 19.GoGoGOP: @A0K: You just hate guys like Halter and Blane because they love freedom you socialist bastard.
  • 26.rayalpolitic: I never got the whole succession thing anyway. Wolfson was a good house speaker, but I didn’t vote her in to this.
  • 29. LiBNoW11: It’s a fucking disgrace, we finally have our first female VP and all people can think about is who’s taking over from her.

Headline: Prince Billy Survives Blast!

In a Critical Condition

Source: The Mirror

  • 15. Notonmywatch13: First it is muslims. Next it was the pagan freedom movement. Who is ACTUALLY behind it?
  • 16. DanBrownRules: A friend of mine has told me he saw the Prince’s body brought out of the car and that he was definitely dead! Don’t believe what their telling you!
  • 29.D0NTTR34D0NM3: The King’s nephew in a car bomb attempt on his life seems so obscure. Why not aim for one of the immediate family?
  • 113.EumericaTemplar: @Notonmywatch13 – clearly it was the work of the EF govt – the Royal family were against the EF and now the “ghosts” strike back at our sacred monarchy!!1!
  • 146.Nyarbaggy: He ddeserved to die along with the rest of his german scum family!
  • 154.Herman69: Nha, he is alive – I saw him interviewed in his hosp bed and he looked okay, even with the bandages.

“Big Brother” killed in shootout

Anti-goverment terrorist Antoine Garver was killed while resisting arrest in relation to selling national secrets to foreign powers

Source: BBC Online

  • 5. MasterThief: This is complete bull****. Everyone knows he wasn't selling those “secrets”. He definitely wasn't passing them to foreign powers. He was digging out ways that this government was ****ing people over and –edited for possible libellous material : siteadmin–
  • 6. Lolhacker: Panties in a bunch much?
  • 7. MasterThief: STFU. This is no laughing matter. Our rights are leached away year on year and anybody who tries to fight against the system is made to disappear.
  • 19. MacGyver19: I heard he had some pretty outrageous theories, proper tinfoil hat brigade. Seriously, who starts a shoot-out with MI5?
  • 27. SiteAdmin: This thread has been closed due to breaches of our terms of use.

Chess Checkmates Record Industry

Enigmatron's Download-Only EP Infuriates Label, Delights Fans

Source: Rolling Stone

  • 3. I<3JOHNNY: I love it! “The Information Wants To” is such a great name!! Even better that we don't need to pay!! Johnny is soooo sexy, I can't wait to see him live!!!
  • 28. NorthByNorth: Well, it's pretty mediocre - you can tell they didn't spend long on this one. At least the Free Software fanatics will have a good reason to get this one without feeling the need to spout the usual diatribes justifying their crimes.
  • 42. b0dyd0uble: Hey, have you guys heard what happens when you play Enigmatron songs super-fast whilst underwater? Check out my blog at
  • 49. mr_gummy_bear: I heard Chess took quite a big backhander from The Pirate Bay for this deal. Not quite the charity gig, eh?

Wildlife Documentary Scoops Prestigious Television Award

Shauna Li's latest work highlights marine pollution, vanishing species

Source: Manila Standard

  • 5. PedantPointBlank: “Departure from her usual fare” Did the author even watch the show? This looks like typical Li to me – some decent underwater photography, some tear-jerking about the vanishing coastline, and the bit in the middle where she wrestles the six-foot snapping turtle as it tries to bite her cameramn in half.
  • 18. Hang_Nail: There's nothing wrong with Shauna's usual formula. She actually does some great work for conservation, it's not all yakpunching and cooing over wuzzy new species of horrifically poisonous lizard. I'd like to see Johnny Chess or Kaylee Steel stand up and do something for the environment once in a while!
  • 37. PintOfCamera_995: Everyone knows they only make these documentaries to make you THINK you know what's out there. What about the hours of footage they supposedly took in the South Pacific that never got broadcast? THEY_KNOW_THE_TRUTH
  • 68. LuckyNumberKelevra: @Teakbiscuit “faked”? All that footage is straight up real. Besides, I'd like to see you wrestle a giant snapping turtle into submission if you were a five-foot-nothing Filipino girl!
  • 72. DonkeyJacket: @LuckyNumberKelevra I think she's Samoan…

Greenpeace demonstrations in South Pacific

Environmentalists attempt to blockade whaling fleets

Source: Asahi Shimbun

  • 1. Asuka_Strikes: I'm surprised the whaler fleets even bother going out any more. If they're as unsuccessful as the article states, and they're constantly running up against increasing Greenpeace support…
  • 7. Tracer_Tong303: I'm glad the environmental initiatives have helped. They reckon that the whale population in 2026 will be triple what it was in 2011.
  • 8. Nuts_Milord_99: @Tracer_Tong303: Who are 'they'? It's just speculation based on a trend. Once the whales start returning they'll send more whalers out.
  • 24. SpoogeBonnet: Whaler fleets don't usually spend that long in ocean waters. I think the reason they haven't been available for comment is that they are trying extra hard to make a catch.
  • 46. Daimyo_Tsietsin: No way, the carcass that washed up near Kushiro was way too mauled to have been done by the fleet.
  • 47. YogSothoth: Mm Hmm. I'm not even touching that one.



We can't let you do that, Dave - Houston

Estimated Probability of Mankind's Survival to next Iteration: 99.98% - Various Wiki pages defaced and replaced with this text

のびるびるびるのびるび, のびるびるびるのびるび… - Osaka

ENGLISH GO HOME!!! - Caernarfon

It's over 9000…and counting - Moscow

Never knowingly oversold - Cape Town

CHILD OF CORTEZ - Sprayed over various advertisment boards featuring European produce, Mexico City

Thanks for the Crate! - Found painted onto a disused rusty ship in Portsmouth

Desert Island Discs knows the truth - scrawled on the wall of the BBC radio broadcast centre

The world is out of line - Bern

I have x-ray vision! - A street in Kansas

World not actually hollow. Hollow is bad. - Perpignan

This sentence has been poorly translated! - Eindhoven

I don't like the Drugs, but the Drugs like me - Los Angeles

Apristein Paladyne - Bletchley Park

God Loves Hank! - Hong Kong


The Bayesian Avenger

MOD fail

It's the bloody Eurofighter all over again, isn't it? They'll throw money at any old crap that's got a good enough marketing division. It's a wonderful gravy train if you can make shit up on the spur of the moment. Silver mesh underlay? How did silver get this reputation as the magic anti-bacterial cure-all? First it's silver particles on your laptop keyboard (nanosilver too, so it gets extra SKIENCE! points), now it's silver in your uniform to stop your stab wounds getting infected. As a great man once said, I think you'll find it's a bit more complicated than that. Did the MoD Purchasing division sleep though GCSE Chemistry? Do they not realise the difference between an atom and an ion? How exactly are they planning on getting ions out of that silver mesh? And that's not taking into account some of the cracked-out Staring At Goats they're willing to work on in the way of weapons design.

The Bayesian Avenger

Keeping your feet out of your mouth

Listen, Skeptics. We do not do our cause any favours by leaping to conclusions. In particular, we need to be aware of the temptation of a particular variant of the Argumentum Ad Hominem that I shall refer to as Argumentum As BloodySillyHat. This is the one which goes “You are wearing a bloody silly hat, therefore your argument is worthless”. I'm sure anyone who's spent any time on the internet will see the temptation of this one, but it's led me in the past to be unwarrantedly rude and dismissive to some people who may have had points, but who were in fact just blending in with the trolls and whackjobs slightly too well. You're all going to think I've gone soft on the cranks now, aren't you, but in fact I'm just advocating making damn sure it really is a crank you're talking to before going off on them, rather than just someone without much in the way of polish or social skills.

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