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News comes mainly from newspapers, TV or blogs. But even the newspapers and TV companies publish their content online these days, generally with comment facilities for the public to make their opinions known. This turns out much as you'd expect.

News published from 14th May 2020 to June 21st 2020

Main Story

International tensions run high after NY terrorist attack

Plane flown into New York Stock Exchange

(From The Guardian, 17/06/2020)

America was tonight in mourning for hundreds of innocent people believed to be dead after a devastating terrorist attack on the NYSE. Officials have yet to release a death toll, and one may not be known for weeks. But the US president said after the attacks: “Hundreds of lives were suddenly ended by evil, despicable act of terror.”

According to CNN, the plane which crashed into Wall Street in the early hourse of this morning was a passenger flight leaving from JFK International Airport. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, which is the first major breach of airport security in over 8 years. Fear of further attacks have grounded flights across the globe with only the most urgent flights being allowed to leave the ground.

So far no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, although coming so close on the heels of the Kiev attack security experts are 'seriously considering' that these two may be linked. US Government sources claim that it is 'too early to determine' the motive behind the attack.

Economies around the world have been rocked by this second atrocity in two months. Stock exchanges in the US have been closed, but markets around the world have taken their worst single-day hit in recorded history. The response by US markets is expected to be even more severe, and many economists fear believe the US economy may collapse entirely when the markets re-open. Some experts claim that financial systems across the world could be in danger of breaking down entirely if fast, decisive action is not taken by major world governments.

  • PertuBay #3: Lol, US dollar trading at 0.3 Euros. Fail currency is fail.
  • HaveAHat #7: Is it true that the plane was hacked and flown by wire? It would explain why all the newer planes have been grounded.
  • Michael0001 #19: Isn't this all just some big trick? I heard that some of the people who were supposedly on the plane have been heard from, safe and sound.
  • PixieStick~ #23: Okay, possibly I'm the only person reading this with a brain, but it sounds like the financial sector is not handling this smartly. We could be in for a really bad recession if this isn't dealt with properly.

Other Articles

Blane announced as Republican VP candidate [The International Herald Tribune]

Recent work makes him “The Natural Choice”

  • 3.GoGoGOP: Hah. The commies don’t stand a chance now. Walton Matthews is smiling up in heaven.
  • 12.DonkeyPunch: The democrats actually looked like they’d found their feet with McGregor, but they don’t have anyone with Blane’s charisma for a running mate. I hope they’ve got something special lined up.
  • 24.LBoXing: Why would you choose because he’s good at international relations? The GOP is supposed to be about America first. If we’re not careful, this Blane character will get us into bed with those socialists in Europe.
  • 25.Lwlwht: Obvious troll is obvious. You can’t just ignore the rest of the world, your tinfoil hat isn’t powerful enough.

Shauna Li’s Indochinese escapade [The Sun]

International Wildlife Star escapes from Laotian kidnappers

  • 2.pEaNuTbOoTy: Wow, sounds like that was a real close one. Glad she didn’t get executed or whatever, she would be a huge loss to television.
  • 7.Ex_Oblivione1999: What I don’t get is why she was back in Laos. She covered it pretty thoroughly last time. I thought she was doing something in the Americas this time.
  • 8.Pl4y-R-B45E:I think you will find that Laos is in South America. It’s next to Venezuela isn’t it?
  • 10.Proffetic: It literally takes 5 seconds on Wikipedia to show that you’re wrong. Laos is in Indochina. Hence the title of the article.

New Oxfordshire Police Chief Appointed [The Oxford Mail]

New appointee 'Tough on internet crime'

  • 6. SenseAndSensibility: Tough on internet crime? At a county level? So he's going to be invoking the new anti-encryption legislation then.
  • 11. WhyWeCantHaveNiceThings: So Lord Hutton retired to become Shadow Information Minister? Looks like he's going going to be trying to revoke the encryption bill if the Conservatives get in.
  • 12. HeffJoon: So the Tories are filling up with Peers of the Realm around the edges. Sounds about right for them.
  • 14. HandyAndy6: so is someone going to do something abuot teh kids who keep knockin on my door and running away now?
  • 19. RightHander: It's about time we got someone who's going to crack down on Internet crime - the '90s were a long time ago, and this Geoffrey Whitehouse sounds like he has what it takes.
  • 20. SenseAndSensibility: @RightHander: See my comment #6. You can't investigate internet crime at a local level, it just doesn't work.

Buenos Aires Clampdown on "Satanic" Rituals

Religious leaders in outcry against "overreaction" as Church, police force back strict new measures

  • DominenVai: Oh come on! Every time the drug cartels want to knock off a few key witnesses, they mutilate the bodies and everyone starts screaming “cult”. Isn't it obvious?
  • ViDiNo: I hear that Borges guy was some kind of eccentric. Huge collection of antiques.
  • Pythace: They say he was kidnapped from his home but nothing was taken - I seriously doubt this is organised criminals!
  • OxyPrep_!: Some blood on an altarstone does not a ritual murder make. Aren't the Temple of Pan in enough trouble around here already? Someone's just trying to stir up bad feeling.
  • OCTOP: Especially when I hear bullet fragments and ricochet marks were found near the tip of the ziggurat - your average Nahuatl recreationist nutjob doesn't cut the hearts of his victims with a Colt 45!

Headline: Enigmatron out and about (NME)

Recent videos and upcoming gigs!

  • 3. Future_Sailor: The Terracotta Army! Is there nowhere this man will not go to shoot his videos! Awesome!
  • 4. DertyVoice909: How about the New York stock exchange?
  • 23. Teknologik: Next up, the shores of Lake Geneva! I have bought my tickets already. It goes to the Kiev charities too. Good to see so many artists making commitments like that.
  • 29. Bella_Cyberlox: Lake Geneva! Think he'll take the opportunity to do 'Smoke on the Water'? I mean, why not?
  • 68. Et_Une: Their new album art is trippy as all hell. It reminds me of this think I saw in the papers and it was weird. Like that.


  • Candy, will you marry me? I know this comes a bit from right-field. -Buster - In the Personals section of the Boston Herald
  • So that's why they call it Boom and Bust. - A comment on the New York Times' Stock Market news article
  • We anticipate that stability issues will persist through the .6 release, but the .7 update should solve all outstanding problems - Written on a public library in New York
  • Your brother's bane, my greed and gain - An alleyway in London
  • God is here in the Wired - Painted across window of Forbidden Planet, Tottenham Court Rd
  • Kiss! Kiss! Fall in Love - Santa Rosa



have to say, I'm pleased to note that nobody appears to be doing anything terribly stupid over the Kiev incident just yet - as in, no wars yet. Everyone actually seems to be mooting a theory that might actually be true, specifically the terrorist agent provocateurs one. Bear in mind that there's enough abandoned military installations out there post-Cold War that it shouldn't be impossible for anyone with a particular talent for thievery and arms deals to get their grubby paws on fissile material, and then you'd just need an engineer of flexible morality to work out how to detonate it. Not impossible, but it does mean we'd be dealing with a reasonably serious operation rather than a bunch of extremists in someone's living room with apocalyptic fantasies. The question is, who benefits from this? Who might want the EF and Russia at each others' throats? Which is a damned good question.

That said, WTF does the British government think it's doing with the security measures? Attack by sea? Kiev was landlocked! I know the government tends to like the Civil Service Syllogism (we must do something, this is something, therefore we must do it) but this is random even for them.


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Raphael Hythloday's Blog

Meet the new me, not the same as the old me.


Okay, anyone looking for the review will find it below, it's “Children of Vanir #2” and quite a fun read if I do say so myself.

It's been a while since I've written about myself, but anyone whose been reading for more than a few years will probably have picked up a few things. You may know that my Mother has been ill for a while, and my good for nothing Dad is of doing his thing. So I will be uprooting and moving, in order to be closer to my mother. Now this is quite an abrupt decision, so I haven't had much time to make arrangements, but a friend of mine is an Englishman who I suspect will be more than happy to house sit for a while. I will be leaving an awful lot of my books behind, so he'll have plenty to read.

I've got more than a few acquaintances in the land of my birth, both friends and family. And of course, there's a certain lady who has recently moved there who has been dying to get to know me better, and how can I resist that?

Of course what this means is that I'm going to be out of contact for a while. I'll try to get at least one more review up before I get on that plane, but once there its going to be a while before I can get myself set up sufficiently to be posting again.

See you all in a few months.


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