Eternity - Alexander / Dmitri Alexandrov

“Dmitri Alexandrov is of particular note during this period. Prior to his processing, he had been a constant opponent of the Imperial effort to secure Terra prior to the Perihelion of Nibiru. A fine warrior in human form, attacking the Annunaki outposts with surprising efficiency alongside a group of highly trained Russian elite soldiers. His attack on the 'HopLok' conference was his last designated success prior to his attempted infiltration of the Terran interior during which he was apprehended by the efforts of the Favoured Overseer himself…”

“Able to maintain his contacts with the Russian military, and indeed his involvement led to the processing of more than several, he was able to ensure that when Russia attempted to invade the Terran interior that a strong, well-disciplined military coup in favour of the Annunaki Empire was initiated. This simple action was more than enough to ensure the Annunaki annexation of Terra during the coming months…”

“It was with sadness that the population of Nibiru heard the news that Alexandrov, the so called 'Fortunate Soldier' had destroyed himself with a suicide attack in a failed attempt to assassinate the head of the Anti-Annunaki insurgent organisation GeneTech. It became clear thereafter that he had been betrayed by the two traitors known as the 'Twice False', those Dark Artists who were able to manipulate their own minds during processing. Nevertheless, he created a significant impact on GeneTech property, and his prior actions had already earned him a posthumous Order of the Swift-Handed…”

- Excerpts from A history of the Annunaki Conquest of Terra by A'Sansatha of Ankaris

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