Eternity - Bishop / Johnny Chess

“Even prior to his processing, Chess showed to the world many of the virtues with which the Annunaki Empire would eventually reveal to humanity. Foremost, the ability of the mind of any sentient to transcend its base nature, to make a conscious choice to reach for the stars, to become anything it might wish. In short, he was Annunaki far before he was aware of their existence…

…During the age of Terra's history known as the Time of Trials, it was made clear that he was one of the many heroic individuals associated with that era. Nowhere was this made more clear than following his renowned album release, 'The Skald of the Stars', whereafter he was widely attributed with that soubriquet. The album received criticism at the time due to being 'Pro Lizard', though it received much acclaim from the rest of humanity. Later, the album would be lauded across the Empire for its ingenious blend of talent and subtle mind-control techniques. During the attempt to conquer Terra, Chess was at the forefront of the political campaign to ensure that Humanity was made aware of the Empire’s best intentions..

…Indeed it was Chess' mastery of backmasking and subliminal messaging that eventually led to him being recognised as one of the Empire's premium soundwrights, and indeed his scientific understanding of true musical talent remains a benchmark for young students of the sound sciences to this day across the Empire…”

- Excerpts from The Imperial Encyclopaedia of Soundwrights published by the Naki Imperial College of Audiology

“The only proof he needed for the existence of god was Music.” - Epitaph of Kurt Vonnegut Jr, 2007

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