Eternity - Crunchie / Louisa May Giacoletti

Louisa sat in front of the wall of screens, all turned off. They'd been useful at first, even if her Vision was erratic over TV links. But now.. now there was nothing. Face-to-face she could still see everything - like Adam Wilson, The Reckless, sitting by her side, thinking out loud.

“I think it's something to do with the magic - we're supposed to be in the Age of Heroes, and it's not very heroic sitting down here watching TV screens…”

Louisa/Eve looked over at him. “I think you're only half-right. If I stay here I can't spread the Light, can't tell them about the Garden. That's why it's stopped…”

Eve stares out the window, watching the world go by. Watching the images following behind them and around them. That man over there - he's been stealing money from the gas station's cash register. The woman walking along behind him was fondly imagining what it would be like to ride her horse through the plaza. The child walking into the building..

A lizard.

Just what she's looking for.

She speeddials a number.

“Daniel. The little boy who just came in.. he's one of them. You know what to do.”

The sound of a commotion through the thin walls of the building, quickly over. The Snake caught. And now she can head home, back to where Adam is waiting. Richard should be home by now too; hopefully he'd have some intelligence from Dad. And with a live Snake infiltrator, hopefully they could learn more. Get closer to being able to undo what they'd done to Mom.

”…intelligence that this Adam is the human known as 'Adam Weishaupt' and has been alive for over two thousand years, kept alive by the Black Arts. However, Eve is a much more concerning figure. Previous attempts to locate and destroy her have ended entirely in failure; recommend high-yield electro-thermal devices to be used if we get a positive sighting. For The Annunaki Empire!”

Eve walked into the office as Adam opened the door for her. Her brother Richard waited inside, stood next to a chair festooned with cables and tubes. He smiled as he saw her.

“Eve. I'm so glad you let me be here. It's… an honour.”

“You're family,” replied Eve, smiling back. “Besides, Adam wanted you here too.”

Adam smiled. “Eve, if you would be so kind as to sit in the seat by your brother.”

Adam sat into the twin of Eve's chair, looking over toward her. “I've been working on the treatment so long. I'm glad I could find someone to share my gift.”

As Adam spoke, Richard walked around the two chairs inserting needles into the two, tapping on a console as he did so. Adam continued, “This is the final step, Eve. Here, you taste of the tree of life as I once did. We will have all the time in the world to bring the world to the new Garden. We will be Father and Mother to all mankind. The Naki may pose a threat for a time, but in time all things change. They cannot stop us bringing Illumination to our children.”

He paused as Richard made the last few connections. “Prepare yourself, Eve,” said Adam, nodding at her brother. Richard nodded back and entered one final command into the console.

Eve gripped her chair as the feeling ran through her veins like boiling ice. As her mind opened, she realised that the ADAM drug had only been a preparation for the True Enlightenment. And her mind filled with visions..

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